BitcoinZ Community Hemp store web-development assistance proposal (rejected)

Problem statement
I have had a website under development for quite some time, which when finished will use the BTCZ payment gateway I have another domain which I want to be a community site, where 2/3 profit goes to VaultZ to fund future development. That domain is In both shops I will offer a discount to persuade the customer to make their purchase using BTCZ. I already sell my products for under retail cost as it is. I would also like to introduce the site as a way to purchase BitcoinZ easily.

My problem is, since the COV-19 pandemic, internet access has been hard for the current developer and I am not very good at developing a website. I keep going into panic mode when I don’t understand something. Therefore, the websites are either unfinished or incompatible with the BTCZ payment gateway. As for, I built the site myself with GoDaddy Site Builder, and didn’t finish adding products because I couldn’t accept BTCZ. So what’s the point?

Mission Statement or Vision

Once these websites are up and running and customers start using BTCZ to purchase my products, the value of BitcoinZ will start to get distributed and we will have another use case for a tangible product which people may purchase using BTCZ. Hemp flower and concentrates have many uses and benefits for both people and animals. The BitcoinZ payment option can help our community grow, while providing quality cannabinoids to the world. Both are organic and shall grow together. When this occurs, the world will be a better place.

Objectives to be achieved

The main objective is to procure either funding or skill to build this website. Once that comes to pass, we shall then promote. The products will sell themselves.

Preferred approach

The preferred approach would be to find graphic artists and web developers within the BTCZ community who have spare time to work on the community website and is willing to share the design and code with my company website, Natural Hempsations. Also, besides web development, if anyone in the community is interested in creating products such as hemp bracelets and necklaces, bath bombs, or any other unique and relevant items to sell for profit for yourself and the BitcoinZ project as a whole.

Benefits statement

The benefits of having these websites built with BitcoinZ in mind will increase the use case of BitcoinZ and increase the number of active users of the currency. With the additional users and the funding going towards BTCZ development, it’s a WIN-WIN for the BitcoinZ community. This is what I know to do to encourage more people to use BitcoinZ and to help with development since I’m not a developer.

Performance and progress measures

(I will let the community decide on this one)
Performance measures give the community a concrete way to assess how the project is doing relative to their expectations, and identify where improvements are needed. In order to retain support and funding beyond the initial approvals, state how and when you will give progress reports against the performance measures established in your business case.

Risks and ways to address them
I don’t really see any risks, as hemp is legal in the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill and Cannabis is legal in Canada as well. I have sources for the best there is.

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

I assume a website should take no more than a week to construct. I can assist some with funding, not so much with development or design, sadly. I’ve already purchased the domains and will keep the hosting current for the years to come.

Opposing arguments and responses

If anyone has anything they would like to add to my proposition, feel free to criticize and scrutinize.

  • Yes
  • No

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If People votes for a Yes .
I can help with the design for sure :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your service to this great community.

I was addicted but today I live toxic free.
Its a so much better life to stay clear.
I voted No.
Proposal rejected cause of not many votes by two weeks.
However I would support you if it wasnt a bussiness about hemp.
I would also keep BtcZ clean at least inside the community members area.