BitcoinZ Cryptocurrency Checkout integration

I have a small request to grab the attention of a crypto payment gateway. All you have to do is apply to

Fill out the form with links to BitcoinZ sites and other related information on the form.

I feel that if we as a community reach out together in an attempt to get our beloved coin integrated into their platform, and prove our worthiness as a community, we have just as much a chance as anyone to get listed in another platform which is not our own.

So please, let’s take time to elaborate on what we stand for. It will only take a few minutes. Write something nice. Stand up for what you believe in. If it’s decentralization you trust, then let’s make that known.

This is about all of you and each of us. Let it be known!


Thank you @Nucashmining for this! I will of course fill it out and I hope more people will do the same. :ok_hand:


There i made it… sorry for little delay :yum: