Blossom update?

Are we planning to implement the newest ZEC update?


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This feature increases the frequency of blocks, allowing transactions to resolve faster.

Do we need this feature now ?
(I don’t think so for the moment.) But is it wise / necessary to remain aligned with the ZEC updates?


Happy New Year 2020 Marcelus!

Good question! Well, we’re ZEC based, so we either start lagging and then become nowhere as good as ZEC, or we keep up with ZEC. Alternatively, we can come up with our own way of speeding up transactions but we are not even close to have that manpower as ZEC or other coins.

Sure with our current volume and transaction load we do not need it but the moment we stop keeping up with ZEC or do not think of mechanisms of speeding up our blockchain and making it modern then we will be displaying symptoms of a old/dead coin. We could wait for a more significant ZEC update and then do a multiple update. Question is, who from BtcZ side would be able to update it. I cannot think of anyone else except Renuzit. Other BtcZ devs seem to have abandoned the ship.


I agree, if we start skipping updates it might seem that we aren’t caring of the project anymore…but at the moment there is scarcity of developers…Renuzit, I didn’t hear from him anymore since some time; only cryptorex is still alive with teh project…


We haven’t abandoned the project, but we’re looking at other things. We are working on games, exchange implementations, ledgers, and other sites that will come out shortly. I don’t think that’s necessary at the moment. Marcellus this try to say (not that update zec is not good to do) , we have to focus on something that can come in handy or that allows advertising (like a game). If a transaction instead of putting 2 seconds in it, it puts 1… What’s changing now


@renuzit What is your take on this?


Bitcoin is the most conservative coin and it is the most expensive. I feel soon the price of our coin will go uphill, new miners will come, and many people will want to become BitcoinZ millionaires.