Btcz to Fiat price Converter Android App


First release. Check it out.

Quickly and easily convert any amount of btcz to multiple fiat currencies and vice versa.
Download from Google play now.

Will be improving gradually. Let me know if you have any feedback or feature requests.


Community hosted payment gateway

Is there any risk ?
Suggest community to use unofficial app carefully with small amount to test first !


No risk. Prices are pulled from coin market cap at the time of entering the amount, so will always be up to date. The app has no ads and needs no special permissions.


Just had an awesome idea.
So you want to send someone £50 or $50 worth or btcz. You open the converter app and work out how much btcz that would be given the latest price.
In my next release, I will add a send button that then allows you to send that amount of btcz to any btcz address by opening up the android wallet on your phone. Boom!
And then I will also add a recieve button that generates a qr code to recieve that amount of btcz to your own address (same as the recieve custom amount on the android wallet). If I was a business accepting btcz, having worked out how much btcz I need for payment, i could then generate the recieve qr code for that amount and then send a screenshot of the qr code on my invoice for payment.
Both the above would make this app so much more practical.
Guess I know what I’ll be doing on my weekend now.

I’ll also see if I can work on integration. So rather than having to put in a btcz address to send to, you could put in a address to send to and then open the wallet. I’ll aim for this, release after next.

P…s. anyone else have any ideas, let me know.
Would it be useful to add price change data? Or a tab that shows current buy/sell prices at various exchanges.


Big highfive for your calculator, and its now available at Android market!

Huf to btcz conversion error:

Could you add some stuff:
Fiat - crypto separator at choice list (line or subname above them)
Virtual buttons (enter amount, back button a choice list)
More common cryptocurrencies which we often use for send (Doge, DGB, XRP)


Thanks for the feedback. Will look in to the error.

I will add the seperator in next release over the weekend.
I’m not sure what you mean by “virtual buttons”. You can just use your devices back button, no?

This app is specifically for btcz. Once I’ve done this, I’ll make another one which allows you to convert any crypto currency to fiat.


Its fine but some site only accepts common coins… Thats why I asked for more currency. Sometimes I have to switch to another coin and pay with that (like the fee was in Doge at coinpayments for listing).


I have fixed the HUF issue. Update coming tomorrow.


Massive update out now!

New Features:
Btcz Address Book
Btcz Android Wallet Integration.
Btcz.Me Integration.
Display conversion rate for each currency

  • general bug fixes.

You can now save all your favourite Btcz addresses in your very own btcz address book.

Btcz.Me integration means you don’t need to know the full “t” or “z” address, just type in the Btcz.Me address and the app will automatically fetch the address for you.

Btcz Wallet integration means you can send btcz directly to any saved contact or any or btcz address (*requires the device to have the btcz android wallet installed)

Coming Soon*

  • add contacts to your address book by scanning QR code

  • generate a receive btcz QR code and share via email/messenger apps in order to request payments


Thumbs up! Great work Bro!
Ive just discovered, I cant enter . at the amount.
So I cannot enter for example 5.14$.
Its a small bug I know.
Keep it up Bro! :wink:


Is this on GitHub for code review ?


@FollowWings is this for btcz amount or fiat amount?

@cryptorex yeah, I put the code on GitHub. I have chatted you the link on discord


Both… I cannot enter . * - any other then numbers.


Thanks for the feedback. I will fix the issue and release a new version at the end of the week.


Are you working on an iOS version? Or a web portal? I have been looking for a way to easily trade BTCZ


@dismith022 yes, I do plan to do an iOS version but need to work out all the issues with the android version first before I can do a port. Please note that this isn’t a trading app. It simply converts the price from btcz to fiat and vice versa and then allows you to send it with the android wallet (or Coinomi in iOS case).
Will add a few other features as I go, to make the mobile wallet experience a better one.


Hey. I have fixed the issue. Please update app.
Because of your language settings, you need to press , instead of . for the decimal place


Hey @Akta86 the same error occures after your last update again and for me the . Problem is still occures!
I think its because I use another keyboard app not the stock.
Couéd you look after the error?
It comes up at every valute when i hit enter! After closing the error I can see the conversion, its just an error window popping up always!


Hey. Sorry not been around lately. Have had a Super busy month or so.
I will take a look at the error, it would help if you could screenshot me the error message. Thanks.