E-Meeting #3 will take place on 2020.07.11 (July 11th)

Below are three potential Saturdays for future BTCZ meeting. Please vote for your favorite day. I will adjust to the will of majority, it’s not like I have holidays planned :smiley:
We would stick to the same hour, for consistency.

  • 11.07
  • 18.07
  • 25.07

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I am glad that in the end the meetings became a fundamental part of this project. :slight_smile:


OK, July 11th it is!

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i think was yestarday :sweat_smile:

You are correct, and the meeting took place.

Ah ok perfect.

Next time please, if you can post the zoom link here so everyone can participate. even those who are not inside discord.


I was not the host so this advice is not to me.

You created the post for the meeting, so you are the organizer of the meeting even if technically marcelus takes care of it at the link.

but I’m sorry if I asked you, was aimed at all those who open a meeting post. . I’ll ask marcelus to do it if you can’t next time.

(i think it’s easier that do who opens the post in the forum, and not force marcelus to look for the open post)

The post has the information about the hour.
You commented with a laugh ‘i think it was yesterday’. Well you didn’t say anything yesterday so obviously you were not interested enough.

Also, I wasn’t there due to personal emergency reasons.

I think we didn’t understand each other because of the problem of a face :sweat_smile: (auch, we don’t understand each other)

:rofl::laughing::grin::smile:these faces mean laughing
:sweat_smile: this means. Auch, i forget it, i think was yestarday

and yes, it’s certainly not your fault. I didn’t check the post, I could ask of course. but I forgot.

what I said was just that maybe we should post the link on the day of the meeting or highlight the post more, so even if you forget. having it under your eyes helps.

That’s it. I think l you took it as a personal attack . that wasn’t the way :wink:

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I might be a bit edgy, I had a very stressful period in my life in the last 3 days.

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Be calm. It happens to everyone. Now summer will come, you will see that it will get better.
The covid’s energy didn’t help anyone. You’ll see that from next week everything is getting better :wink: