Elections for community managers

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the BitcoinZ Community. It is vote time for electing Managers for our five Community Subwallets:
1.Social Media
5.Community Rewards

These subwallets will have a small budget of 800k btcz each, for the 3rd Quarter of 2019.

This is the very first time we  are holding such elections and the participation requests have been only a few.
However we have at least one candidate for each section and we are ready for the voting procedure.
In this case when there are not more than 1 candidates, we just vote YES or NO.

If the outcome is YES , the candidate is elected.
If the outcome is NO , the elections will take place again for another candidate who is approved by the Community.

From my personal view , I assure you that all the candidates are active Community members with long presence in the BitcoinZ Project and I believe that they will do their best to add positive exposure to our Community with their small budget which is granted by the VaultZ according to our HYDRA STRUCTURE rules.

By scrolling down in this thread, you will find out the poll for each Community Subwallet and the associated candidate.
Please vote for all for them.

Voting time : two weeks
Thank you for your participation !


Vote @Dennis333319 as Community Subwallet Manager for Social Media .

This Subwallet can be used  for everything that could bring extra social media exposure for BTCZ.

Some examples : the cover of the cost for giveaways , a social media trivia-like information game about our Project with btcz rewards, a small advertising campaign in a social media apps , the campaign for additional followers to some of our Btcz Community accounts which spread news about our Project.

  • Yes
  • No

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Vote @Monobody as Community Subwallet Manager for Bounties .

Bounties can be put for everyday Community needs which may seem “minor” but in reality can have a really major impact.

Some examples : A bounty for someone who will make a translation of an article about BitcoinZ or its very own white paper, or for someone who will work fo the update of certain sites hosting info for our Project etc.

  • Yes
  • No

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Vote @Rokmikuz (Rok) as Community Subwallet Manager for Adoption .

This Subwallet can be used  for everything that could bring the BTCZ coin one step closer to the its adoption by the people worldwide.

Some examples : the cover of the cost for some advertising material like fliers , a campaign for motivating people to use this material, or a bounty for those who will help for the implementation of a btcz Payment Gateway in web sites of businesses which begin the btcz acceptance.

  • Yes
  • No

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Vote @FollowWings as Community Subwallet Manager for Charity .

The Charity Subwallet can be used like for every noble act that could give a good example to humanity and bring out the btcz Community’s goodness and positive energy.

Some examples could be the usage of the funds for an event like the last one in the Syndrome Down School,  a small campaign for raising funds for people in need or for stray animals, with some pictures or videos covering the activity and adding positive exposure to the BitcoinZ Community.

  • Yes
  • No

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Vote @VandarGR as Community Subwallet Manager for Community.

This Subwallet can be used  for rewarding the most active members of the BTCZ Community.

Some examples : the cover of the cost for a “faucets” campaign, a gaming contest in steam with btcz Rewards , a top10 list with some title awards & some symbolic btcz rewards for the most active members etc.

  • Yes
  • No

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In my opinion it does not respect too much the principles of decentralisation, put a single candidate with yes or no. I think we should create a post to allow people to apply. and once people explain why they might be a good candidate then make a post where to vote. a single candidate vote seems to me to be a somewhat sterile vote. don’t you think so? In the end he will surely win the most reliable candidate who can give the most to the project but I do not know how it could be read by the public voting of a single candidate. hydra risks credibility in this way.

and then you should give a rule, for example one you can apply for only one seat. so as not to overcentralise power. What do you think?

@Monobody @Dennis333319 @FollowWings @MidwestMiner @Dio @matiman @lebaan @Nakipzhan @Charles_Trippy @cryptorex

@GreyFox7 of course having many candidates would be the ideal, however if you notice there was an announcement calling for members to show their interest for being candidates , but there were not enough to cover this (I mean for having 2 or 3 people for each wallet as candidates for the same position which would be the best).
So now we have a more “approval”-like vote , indeed.

Q3 has started from July and this should not wait anymore , so we had to run the elections even for the only one for each wallet. If people don’t wish someone to manage the specific Community subwallet, they can vote for not approving and it is ok, we will wait until another one appears or in the end we may hold the funds for a double budget for the next elections, if there is nobody approved for the specific Community subwallet management.

Anyway, IMHO , the most important thing is having people participating actively for this Community and using a small fraction of the VaultZ for funding small everyday spendings by some people who care for this project (there are many examples described in the thread ) , will help into this direction.

I really hope that people after some results , may start being interested a little more even for applying to be next candidate for the next Quarter.
We can make a new channel to host their applications for being candidates , one month before the election etc, however this time the Channel would have been quite empty .

About decentralization ,
Anyway , guys I strongly believe that all this is a good thing for exposure , because it is “freeing” some minor funds from the VaultZ , making them flowing into the Community’s market. We are speaking for Funds that are not too much for being “dangerous” to be…lost , but not without importance to be ineffective either.
Plus the fact that with this measure , we can have some btcz from VaultZ being used (mainly) as btcz-only and not turned into $ or btc.
Because for example, a bounty or a Community Reward or a Giveway all have 100% btcz as a reward, a reward which is highly probable to have these btcz stored in a member’s wallet and not going to an exchange for turning it to something else. (In contrast with the big deals of VaultZ which will surely need some btc or fiat at a certain point)

In addition, the probability for making a new person downloading a btcz wallet in order to store maybe even his very first btcz coins , is very high after all the described scenarios , as well!
So this will lead to a decentralized distribution of btcz and to more everyday people interested for the project, except the extra exposure we can get.

@Solid we had already talked in the general Discord Channel , but I answered here for people who shared the same concerns as well :slight_smile:
Thank you for your comment my friend and I really hope that in two months from now , we will have at least a double option of candidates for each Subwallet and nice results from the current ones !


ok thank you vandar, but remember not to underestimate the thing you told me. let’s start thinking about how people can apply and what minimum requirements they must have :slight_smile: so that the next election will be fairer.


Disbursements from the Community Chest have been created, pending signatures from the other key holders.

They should be in the appropriate wallets soon.


I write this just to report that my 800k went to Marcelus and Cryptoxic (400k each) for their work on MinecraftZ and Ledger implementation.


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But the ledger will make by rok… Not by cryptoxic :roll_eyes:

We are all putting out efforts in to ledger… :wink: so no worries :slight_smile:

Don’t worry @Solid, there is a whole separate bounty of 3 mln BTCZ for ledger BtcZ on Ledger! . I saw that @cryptoxic already did some work on making BtcZ compatible with ledger and with all things considered, this and Marcelus’ work seemed of highest priority to me. It is purely my subjective decision as one of the subwallet managers. Looking forward to hear on what the other subwallet managers spent their coins. After all, subwallet managers were supposed to be reelected every 3 months and be given each time 800k. I was a subwallet manager for June-Aug so we are lagging big time here.

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