Error : bad-txns-coinbase-spend-has-transparent-outputs

Problem description

If you receive BtcZ from an minning pool, directly from the POOL mining address, you will run into an error like this: bad-txns-coinbase-spend-has-transparent-outputs
You will also probably see this icone in your wallet input image
This means that you need to shield the coins before using :thinking: I’m not sure wy…

How to proceed

  1. Install the latest Desktop Wallet.

  2. If you already have it installed before, save your wallet.dat file :

  3. Import the Private Key into your wallet : image

  4. Create a new “sprout” address using the CLI command z_getnewaddress sprout :

  5. Now we have to “Shield” the coins by using the z_shieldcoinbase "*" "Your_ZC_address" command: image
    –> You will need to run this command as many time as needed (10-30 or more).
    Once you get "remainingUTXOs": 0 you are done.
    IMPORTANT: Just wait until every transaction is confirmed.

  6. From now, you should be able to send back the total amound to a T address : image

I hope this will help :slight_smile:


It was the error I got by Coinomi for transferring Charity’s last 40.000 BtcZ into the new Safepay wallet.
I really hope it helps you out!
Thank you so much Marcelus to helping me out, and thank you too Cryptorex!