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Hey so I decided you’re all onto something so I’ve made our own awesome marketing material :wink:
Took about 5 minutes (including the time for the kettle to make some tea) So apparently it’s not so hard :smiley:
We’ll start posting it to twitter immidiately, and then LAMBO. Then MOON. Then BTCZ = $100 in 2018 :smiley:

$100000000 in 2019 :smiley:


PS. I haven’t laughed so hard in at least 3 months :smiley:




Hey, since i’m not good in PS and in ideas curently, i’m asking you guys if someone would like to make me a sticker, image in PS… i would give it to some local graphic man and he would make me a sticker for truck, i could put them on sides of truck an on trailer. Now if anyone has any idea, you can share it. :slight_smile:
Stickers on side of truck could be dimensions of 50x50 cm on trailer it could be eaven larger.


Im so glad about these beauty arts! @momo you made awesome arts!
This place is gorgeous! :heart_eyes: