FastTech accept, listing on Coinpayments Proposal (on hold)

Coinpayments was nice again today! They said we can split the fee and pay the rest later this year. 5000 euro for start


Cuántos días necesitamos para juntar ese dinero?

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google: ‘Los pagos compartidos dieron tiempo infinito para obtener el dinero.’

Coinpayments said, we have any time what we need to gether the money for listing, there is no hurry.

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Voted Yes! everything that may bring use case for this coin is step forward! Let’s make it happen. All the gathered by VaultZ funds should be used for marketing and spreading utility of the coin.



my humble vote is a strong NO, and I will say why:
1 # 10k for Shopping Cart Plugins, lol to much
2 # I’m convinced it will not be a volume of 5k / month (it’s too big for this community)
3 # BTCZ will not be different from the other 1,300 accepted coins
4 # this financial effort will bury this currency even more

#! : If you want to invest this amount,** KioskZ Terminals is the perfect project for such an investment, and it will greatly help this community to make a step forward

Thank you


Wow, there are so many goods to choose

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I closed the voting. Community seems to be getting on agreement, approved.
Waiting for Developer assist and financial.
This project, could be delayed / prioritised lower if more projects come up connecting to VaultZ.
Thank you very much!
Edit: I just got the information from Marcelus, FastTech cant accept BitcoinZ due to our low volume.

Hay que seguir promoviendo btcz

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Voy a seguir trabajando duro seguro