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Operated by Cloud Commerce Systems Limited located in Hong Kong, FastTech’s main warehouse is strategically situated in Guangdong, China, where the Pearl River Delta is located. Foxconn runs factories with over half a million people here. Quoting Wikipedia, “the Pearl River Delta [is] the world’s workshop and is a major manufacturing base for products such as electronic products.” By situating ourselves at the heart of the baking oven of electronics, we gain direct access to the best selections of the latest gadgets and equipments at the best possible factory direct price. The tremendous savings are then passed on directly to customers like you.

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We run our own inventory and customer support center, in a modern loft of over 30,000 square feet.

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Accepted cryptocurrency payments:
FastTech has been pro-crypto since 2014. We currently accept the following cryptocurrencies, in ticker alphabetical order:
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DOGE (Dogecoin)
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STRAT (Stratis)
SYS (Syscoin)
VTC (Vertcoin)
WAVES (Waves)
XMR (Monero)
ZEC (ZCash)

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Goal of my topic:
To make an acceptance of BitcoinZ cryptocurrency!
Please make a list or share under here the item what would you buy from there page with todays price BitcoinZ!
Lets make a list together for them, to make a huge impact!
This company is as huge as Aliexpress or ebay!
They could even list anything you missing from their site, ask for free replacement if your shipped item is broken or ask for a deal price if you saw your item elsewhere cheaper!
They also have rebait point system (1% money back after every order, claimable after 10point - dollar)
Their moto: their privilege is to serve us!


My Choice:


Good to have a chance to buy components for one of my hobby using crypto :nerd_face:


Nice Nakiphzan! They have a bunch of other stuffs then Electronics (like clothes, office stuffs, toys etc…)
My goal is to show them a list / interest why would they accept us!
Our BtcZ price is not a matter (see their crypto list, they accept DGB and other cheap coins too), rather its another impact, because our price will only grow!


I would go for this one! Need this one everywhere, would love to pay with bitcoinZ


@MeJutty 's choice:





Overall value: 360,5$
Niice! 1-2 more item and Im able to send a serious Request!
Why would they accept us if we wont spend money there… (i mean minimum the core have to spend some…)


I would buy this for shure:

And if i will search more i will get also other stuff… :slight_smile:


Request Sent guys! Cross fingers!! :sunglasses:

FastTech accept request sent:

Please say some kind words under there!


this is such a great idea @FollowWings

fingers crossed!


Now they will list us asap!


Great news! well done!!


Is there any news since? I just discovered this website now and it would be great to pay in BTCZ, but it is not listed at the moment.

I am interested in vaping articles:


News is they are up to, but our gateway is broken at the moment sadly…