HugZ (BitcoinZ's Charity Project)

Awsome P3cho! Its much, I bet BtcZ gonna Moon soon!
Its hard to control charity fund, promo, making proposal to fit to everybody, searching places,
But what you do is more awsome, to donating for goodnees! <3
Love you Guys!


+1000 Received for charity!

+50 added!
Overall 13.800BtcZ

+1000Btcz received. :slight_smile:

Updated! Cycle based payout, not amount based…

+100 BtcZ! :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

Wooooow BitcoinZ community Rocks!!
Charity has now 18.600BtcZ woow! :heart:

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+1000 from me…

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Thank you very much Kovach!
Stuff of needs list soon will be added also, what will they get
with Btc price and photo from purchase& the arrival after order.
We have to wait a bit for BitcoinZ price to shoot up…
19.600BtcZ! Awsome!
All we get Bless!

Hard to count now how much is coming in, its Unbelievable!!!
One can I tell, All of it for Charity!
If you trust me, that means you trust yourself! We Are One!!

Total 28.100BtcZ in Charity!

29.200BtcZ WooHoo! #charity

36.210BtcZ Overall! :slight_smile:

@Raisebtc added +5000BtcZ for Charity!
Soon vote will be closed and first mission also!
Needs list will be updated / added,
Also a vote for the list will be added, and all transfer will be visible!

Closed voting on Charity, a month is gone.
Waiting BtcZ price to rise.

Its gonna be a huge gift! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I did not write anything before here, lately I have little free time. The idea seems great to me, but I would like that the next proposal of charity was more focused on the benefits that btcz can offer to a community, I was thinking of looking for one of those countries where your local currency has stopped being useful due to the deflation or other factors and where btcz or any other cryptomoneda can be very useful for citizens. Maybe we could even gather some old terminals of users of the community, such as mobile phones and computers that we have at home and we no longer use them and send them all this material together with a good sum of btcz so that they can start using the currency in their day a day. I hope the translation is not very bad and the idea is understood, if it is not, the fault is google translate :sweat_smile:

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Super Idea Mate! Next time is a bit far (this year end) because we have to gain effort first…
Btw if someone wants, can lead…
Komete, the collected amount will be spent at an acceptor site, to be sure they get what they need!

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“… No company, no organization behind us! …”

Perhaps, we can add “no individual and no government” to this sentence.

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:wink: Added as you mentioned! Thank you!
And thank you all who donated!! :slight_smile: