Lowering blocktime and blockreward


The coin is “dead” because it has only 2 use cases. Mine and sell, or mine and hold. As I said in Equipool’s proposal, coin values will be low if people can’t purchase goods or services with them. Everyone talks about buying a cup of coffee with btcz, but if there are no coffee shops accepting btcz it has no “value” for that purpose.

I completely am on board with halving block reward and halving block time, which I think will be needed for a coin to be accepted at brick and mortar establishments. People don’t want to wait in line for 10-15min for their payment to process (and store owners may not want to risk waiting for 1 confirmation) which I think is the downside to adoption of most cryptos. Unless someone like Mastercard wants to back a crypto with a customers credit, adoption may be difficult.


We can create a community credit base for transactions of eg 10,000 btcz to ensure payment to the seller quickly, I do not think this is a serious problem.


We don’t need brick n mortar stores. Online shopping would be a better fit. As well as, peer to peer value transfer. :+1: