Masternode Proposal (rejected)

51% say no that means NO. The coin is against marternodes, if MN is what will save Bitcoinz than it will be better for btcz to just died off. I rather lose my money than to see a fucking marsternode.
want the coin to appreciatate in price buy up, or promote.
Short term thinking will get you nowhere.
today you can buy 10k btcz for $1 so go and buy up, promote, hold.
bitcoin had this issue as well price was not $8k next day, it took 10 years.
all of this new people in crypto want to make millions without doing the work and without waiting.
run full nodes, mine the coin, hold the coin promote the coin give some for services. go to a restaurant eat out give a tip in your local currency but also give $1 worth of btcz as tip.
masternodes to hype the coin shourt term, get out off here

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