ROME 2019 MEETING EVENT : some Rewards?

give as gifts 1 mls btcz of vaultz for 100 $ you have no respect for the miners will seek your million in a trading platform instead because he has not a miner who will sell you 1mls below $ 1000


None of the people who will take the million will sell it for 100 dollars. Personally I switched off for the meeting 700 euros, so don’t worry. Mine will definitely not be sold under 1000 like you. I’m like a miner :slight_smile:


Vote passed, no veto exercised.

Will begin disbursements of BTCZ. As with other VaultZ payouts, it will take some time as there is a procedure to access from VaultZ.

I will update this thread when all payments have been completed.


Thanks everyone ! Received and I already have some plans to give it back to the community in “nature” :wink: …work in progress.