Social Responsibility Charity v3.0


Nice work @FollowWings, donated


Thank you my man! I will delete all the shared pics here and take it to an online gallery, to dont flood this area! :wink:
Love you all!
Edit: all pictures from comment section were deleted and
were moved to Official Weekly reports of BitcoinZ Cryptocurrency Community’s Charity Project:
Gallery here
New overall amounts:
179980 BtcZ! :heart_eyes:


Again :heart_eyes:
This time from the gateway :+1:

dumb question: how do you do the “click to open” section? :


Wow so you are that 8500 BtcZ guy… Awesome Bro! :slight_smile:
Thanks again, abd nice to see the new gateway working like a charm! <3
Overall amounts: 192423 BtcZ!
Wow :stuck_out_tongue: