Social Responsibility Charity v3.0


Nice work @FollowWings, donated


Thank you my man! I will delete all the shared pics here and take it to an online gallery, to dont flood this area! :wink:
Love you all!
Edit: all pictures from comment section were deleted and
were moved to Official Weekly reports of BitcoinZ Cryptocurrency Community’s Charity Project:
Gallery here
New overall amounts:
179980 BtcZ! :heart_eyes:


Again :heart_eyes:
This time from the gateway :+1:

dumb question: how do you do the “click to open” section? :


Wow so you are that 8500 BtcZ guy… Awesome Bro! :slight_smile:
Thanks again, abd nice to see the new gateway working like a charm! <3
Overall amounts: 192423 BtcZ!
Wow :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to say special thanks for all of your hard supports to achieve the first mission’s goal of 300$ worth of BitcoinZ.
I cant find the worlds how unselfish and good heart are the members of BitcoinZ!
This shows the power what we can do togheter, all the blessings, help as well as the technic what our cryptocurrency offers.
I can say seeing the power, the brave, the tenacity, honesty with our soul, we are the best currency, We Are the Cure for the world!
In #Decentralization, in #BitcoinZ, in You Dear members who I Trust!
God going to bless us very soon!

The amount will be bought by my dear friend whom I could involved into BitcoinZ! He offered to let it happen, he see our good future!
He will give Ethereum for it, what we could and will spend at FastTech for the Kids wishlist on November 1.
Further logs will be shared.
Gifts arrival, the event when they get it, will be photoshooted, shared! :wink:
Enjoy your time, lets celebrate! :blush:


I understand what you say or feel. I had a similar experience to you about a mother’s death, after going to Palestine, I picked olives and made the war photographer. After I decided to throw a lot of money to do solidarity events across Europe. I paid for tickets, food, toys in hospitals. I was dreaming, I hoped that if I put my money, (no few) maybe the movements would grow. I went into depression, when who I thought was helping me to do some good thing,They were actually doing it for an economic interest. I had created Athena International in the name of a fair war. In that circumstance people have disappointed me. Now my company is called Athena up, and it doesn’t help. Think about profit, I think about marketing, but every time I’m successful, I feel that I’m building something stable that can do good, because that’s what I want. But this time I do it alone and with the help of God. Let’s focus on the project and do it big, there will be time to help. And believe me, I want it like you :slight_smile: nice to meet you @FollowWings (sorry for my english) :stuck_out_tongue:


As you say! Nice to meet you too! :wink:


Welcome my second Family!
A huge month at our back! Huge and difficult.
Sad news is I could not buy gifts for the First mission’s kids with the whole of your donations due to the huge price fall.
~500.000 BtcZ was around 290$ when I managed to spend it for them.
I waited a few more days (at November 1) and prayed for BtcZ to rise a bit. What has happened is what you see now on the price. Huge fall.
Good news is I exchanged half of the amount (274.000 BtcZ) to Doge coin, and spent it on the kids at FastTech. So at least they get something for Christmas!
What was so unbelievable and still is, you didnt stop sending the donations! Very much thanks!
This is how our left amount is more then 300.000 BtcZ now!
So much thanks for all of your love and help!
Im a proud member of BitcoinZ!
Take care of you! Merry Christmass!!!