Social Responsibility Charity


What is it?:
Social Responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.
Social Responsibility means sustaining the equilibrium between the two. It pertains not only to business organizations but also to everyone whose any action impacts the environment. This responsibility can be passive, by avoiding engaging in socially harmful acts.
Our Community will not support demonstrations or other harmfull activities! We will not support illegal activities or groups of that!
Charity or Charitable organization is a non-profit organization (in our case, it is BitcoinZ Community), whose primary objectives are philanthropy and social well-being.
Charity (practice), the practice of being benevolent, giving and sharing
Charity (virtue), the religious concept of unlimited love and kindness.

Our Community of BitcoinZ cryptocurrency, is 100% driven by the community! No company, no organization, no individual and no government behind our activity! Nobody forced or payed to work for, be participate, nor to donate our community projects! Every member is here by his - her own free decision, for free!
BitcoinZ currency holders can feel of a side effect of every action what the Community makes, as well as determines the BitcoinZ Cryptocurrency’s price.
Actions is made only for the currency’s improvements to be the fastest, most secure, most usefull one, sticking to our Bibble, The Whitepaper.
Our actions not for self or other’s advantage gain.
By this BitcoinZ Community is non profit!

Taxes & Laws:
As I mentioned before, that Our Decentralized Community is non profit,
Collecting charity donations Will Not gain any advantage to us, it is tax free.
Giving out these donations to non profit institutions whos forwarding for health care or other charity projects also non taxable in most countries.
Receiver should look after.

What we want by charity?:
Collecting and giving out Donations for:

  • Those people, who have treatable illness, but they are just out of effort.
  • Those people who lost some limb part of his/ her body, and a new one needed to make their life better.
  • Those children who lost their parents and can’t find their ways in life.
  • Those animals who suffering from terrible and desctructive actions.
  • Those animals which are ill and treat needed.
  • Improvements of Hospital services.
  • Ongoing Science and technology improvements on creating new cures of untreatable illnesses (cancer, Diabetes…)
  • Disaster Recovery

More coming soon, it is under conversation! Any serious suggestions going to be listed!

How and Who can join to this charity movement?:
Everybody, who feels that, he or she wants to give back goodness to the World.
There is two way to join for the Donation progress.

  1. If you own BitcoinZ, you can send it to Our charity BitcoinZ address:
  2. If you own other Cryptocurrency, and would like to donate for charity please contact me for further help! (FollowWings)

Specified Receivers list:
!Documentations is Recommended for what and where would they like to spend for!

1. Location:
Hungary, 5600, Békéscsaba city, Vandhati Road 3.
Down Syndrome Institute & School Center of Chance (“Esély Pedagógiai Központ”)
Students Class name: Rainbow Class (“Szivárvány Csoport”)
Down Syndrome is typically associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features, and mild to moderate intellectual disability. There is no cure for Down syndrome at the moment.
Education and proper care have been shown to improve quality of life.
Some children with Down syndrome are educated in typical school classes, while others require more specialized education.
Some individuals with Down syndrome graduate from high school, and a few attend post-secondary education.
Sadly these kids are lack of stuffs for learning and improving their self.
This part of the Country is one of the most poor region, their parents also can’t let to buy them things from common pen&paper through brick games to kitchen gadgets like fruit mixer, or toaster (helping them to inserting back into the community of the World).
Any kind of help is Welcome there.
Pictures: (things for learning was borrowed on pics)

Their homepage:

More mission coming soon.
S.R. Charity from 2018.05.20. is contributing in funding Apelan’s Micro Loans project for charity.
Any serious suggesstion going to be listed.

Mechanism of the charity:

Attention for SCAMMERS, please keep yourself away from them!! We will not give out addresses directly to any social media platform, just the path homepage for our fund.
Any other site which trying to imitate, direct addresses or promises for free earnings is SCAM.

The ways are mentioned in the upper section,
how can you participate in this beauty action.
We will not stop collecting funds for charity, it will be alive till BitcoinZ is.

(That’s the true power of Decentralized Community, what we really want to show. We have heart, We have Freedom, We have power, We have Technology.)

After a mission session ended, we vote about who going to be receive it next (from the list of places).
List and real time amount are always public visible.
After we voted, the collected amount will be forwarded, and we continue collecting new amount for a new place.

Payment methods:

  1. Sending the donated amounts or part of it to the receivers BitcoinZ Addresses from Charity Address.
  2. Using Donated BitcoinZ through Payment getaways to order usefull stuffs for the Receivers location Addresses. :heart_eyes:
  3. Last and unconfortable option, we trade the donation amount or part of it to FIAT currency, and forward it to Receivers Bank accounts.

Owner(s) of the Charity program:
FollowWings (One and Only everywhere)
New leader or contributor can be voted.

Charity project BitcoinZ address:


This is the way when people catch their heads up, and going to give more trust in our Community, what we really deserves.
We must help each other, All for One, One for All, as Decentralization Community meant to be.
Any idea is Wellcome.
God Bless us all.
Only a few coin’s organization doing the same.

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  • No

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Hey @FollowWings, sorry – I moved this to the lounge because as you mention, it doesn’t adhere to the required proposal format. The reason we have the proposal format is because eventually, people will get tired of voting on things that go nowhere or are incomplete thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to continue to develop this idea and once you (or someone else) is able to draft a complete proposal, make a new post in the proposals topic. Thank you!


Just want to say, I’m totally open to allocating part of each week’s funds, or all of one particular week’s funds of the lottery pool to different charities. If the community can come to a consensus, I’ll update the website.


Equipool its going for care about others!
I lost my Mother when I was a child in Cancer, I lost many pet, I suffered a lot from negative hatred people, I nearly died some times, but I always trusted in the Good, what we can make, a, better world! We can make rules and should be some to keep together everything, but its a project what we have to vote for first, then work out every aspect! Its not like gimme your money I run away…
It has a most recommanded way of life! Anyways when I will be rich I gonna donate, but why not start it now?


So to look at the subject we talked about it at chat, we could lower the amount to 1% now and maybe rise it at a next vote!
Also would be an option if we make a hash lottery directly to this project every once in a while (like every month), I also would switch my rig on it.


we can form the proposal among the whole community and then vote, a previous proposal that needs help


Don’t get upset man, I’m only doing my job – trying to keep things in order and organized. As you can see above, your post wasn’t deleted.

Here are some things you should consider, to complete this idea:

  1. What charities would you like to donate to?
  2. How often do we donate?
  3. How often would you like to swap out charities?
  4. How much do we donate?
  5. Do we only donate from the lottery, or do we donate from the community chest also?
  6. If we donate from the community chest, how much? how frequently?
  7. After we go through the list, do we start at the beginning again or request a new list from the community?
  8. What if someone wants to add another charity, what is the process for that charity to be added?
  9. Who is going to validate the charities are legitimate and not someone trying to collect funds from a fake charity? (yes, just because we’re trying to do something good doesn’t mean people won’t try to take advantage of it).
  10. How do we get the funds to the charities? Do we donate in FIAT, or try to get them to create a BitcoinZ wallet that we can deposit to?

This is what I meant by we need to complete this idea. Let’s get some answers to these questions and maybe then we can create a formal proposal.


Thanks Man, I was just tired! Im sorry!
You are my 2# family! I gonna look after an official paper for this and rewrite it to make it formal (be able to put out to the main site)!
Keep coming your ideas to this!


I rewrote the whole and took it to officially acceptable for everyone! Its a good form to implement it to our main page!
Some pictures needed, and a tracker for the charity address (my coinomi BtcZ address for now, I dont use it. Further votes and ideas are welcome! Contact me for details)


One note about your update. The Lottery should continue to mine to it’s current wallet, NOT directly to a particular charity’s wallet. For two reasons.

  1. So I don’t have to update the website to track a different wallet. :slight_smile:
  2. Otherwise we loose control of the funds to pay the 10% winner.

Just mine to the lottery as normal, and at the end of the day / week / month / whatever, we can make the payout to the selected charity. The Lottery wallet is multisig, and requires 2 of 4 to confirm any transaction (NinjaPickle, equipool, Hashgod, and Cryptorex)


For sure, but have to separate anyways! So hash lottery stays on its own address, and at every month’s last week after the charity hash lottery ends it will be forwarded to the charity address! Super! We also have to make a new tracker for it to make it real time visible for everyone! :slight_smile:


Updated as suggested!


So, I’m all for donating to charity, I already do work for two of them, and I consider BTCZ my third, but here are my concerns.

  1. I don’t think we should ever take money from the community funds to pay donations to any charity.
  2. I’m fine with setting up a hashpower competition to collect funds for charity, however, I don’t think it should be taken out of the same place that generates community funds. People should be given the opportunity to vote for what they would like to support.
  3. Charitable acts need absolute transparency. We would want to require proof that any funds given are given directly to the responsible parties and we would like to be able to see a positive impact from the funds given.

Aside from that, I have seen first hand how the donation of money into a community has devastated it. I have seen how a suite case of donated shirts has killed an economy because everyone got free shirts and that puts the merchant who sells shirt out of business and that trickles down to the local manufactures who make the shirts as well. Capitalism is the way out of being a third world country, but we need to make sure the investment gets spent in a positive way.

I don’t think you need the BTCZ community to get behind this idea to execute it. I would recommend asking @NinjaPickle for the code behind the hash races and setup your own competition. Just please, if you do a charitable act link proposed, please be as transparent as possible with the organization who is benefitting!


Ninja is Fine with what I suggested! You look at it as Bussiness, but I dont ‘care’ wasting a little effort for charity, however it makes its effect. Transparency is fine, we gonna do it that way, but first we have to own something to make it transparent, other thing it has to be visible and trackable to be able to see its not a scam.
We will ask some document from receiver, sure,
I gonna update the proposal!
Thx for the heads up!


Updated: documentations is required before any donations is sent,
Where will they spend the amount, all official information, after proof!
Address of charity added:
Amount received today for charity: 2018.03.20.

Tracker Needed!!


I have nothing agains charity, but imho the main goal of btcz is the creation of a fair community coin.
How people use the coin, is up to them. Everybody who wants is free to use btcz for any charity project, and I would encourage that, but this should be done outside the BTCZ community.

I think doing this could drive a wig into the community, as all people have different ideas on what projects should be supported. At the end, this could even lead to unwanted political discussions.

Encouraging people to set up charity-projects with the use of btcz is a good idea, just as we encourage people to set up e-commerce with btcz.
We should not interfere with the choice of charity itself, just as we should not interfere with the kind of e-commerce we prefer, or prefer not, for the use of btcz.


Dear Kaki, nobody forced to donate! Its an option!
Look into your heart…
And when people shout BitcoinZ saved someone again, think of me!

BitcoinZ received for charity! 2018.03.21
Overall: 10500BtcZ
Awsome!! <3


Payments section added, updated!


+500 received 2018.03.22!
11.000 overall :slight_smile: Woohoo
Rewrote! Fixed donation part,
Added our first mission!


I have just crit you with 1000 btcz ^^.
Not much but its a start and I like what you did there.