Social Responsibility Charity


Super Idea Mate! Next time is a bit far (this year end) because we have to gain effort first…
Btw if someone wants, can lead…
Komete, the collected amount will be spent at an acceptor site, to be sure they get what they need!


The amount still here and growing! :wink: <3


“… No company, no organization behind us! …”

Perhaps, we can add “no individual and no government” to this sentence.


:wink: Added as you mentioned! Thank you!
And thank you all who donated!! :slight_smile:


I really really cant believe how a Beautiful Family is BitcoinZ !
So much love in here! :slight_smile:


I cant wait to spend these all on our first project kids!!
I hope it worth more soon for them! Let us God!


Charity project moved forward from proposal to Official Social Responsibility Charity Project!
Description Documentation has reached final level quality.
We Started to contributing and collecting fund for Apelan’s micro loan project aswell because it hits the charity in the meaning.
New amount received:


You send more and more to Charity! Its Awsome!
I hope I can spend it for these childs in some day at FastTech
For school stuff and some coordination improving games.


New amount <3

Also vote Won by Apelan,
20k will be transfered to his Micro Loan Project!


New amount:
-20.000BtcZ went toward Apelan’s Micro Loan Project Fund
+150 BtcZ


Someone was Super Generous! :scream_cat:
+50.000BtcZ Wooow!


Newest amount! Still holding it for them! I want to make a big surprise, just BtcZ needs to grow a bit more! Maybe FastTech will accept us soon and I- We can spend the amount there for them!