Stabilization Fund Z


Stabilization Fund Z

STABILIZATION FUND Z is a fund with tangible and non-tangible assets, to obtain financial profit in any of its manifestations, after using it to increase the value of the BTCZ asset as a payment instrument and popularize it to the masses, ensuring continuous growth of BTCZ, through systematic redemption this cryptomonet, on funds from the profits of the fund.

In simple terms, SFZ activities will be directed solely at balancing and increasing BTCZ, all fund profits will go towards strengthening the rate, thereby ensuring a steady price increase, which in turn will cause high demand and stable volatility of the BTCZ coin in foreign markets.

Each of the BTCZ holders will be interested in the growth of tangible and non-tangible assets of the SFZ, so you can raise funds for start-up and turnover by raising funds through ICO or by other methods, donates in Fiat or in other forms and forms.

The main asset of SFZ, will be shares and bonds with dividend yield, at the expense of dividend profit, the whole structure of this fund will be built.
Part of the profit will be divided into an increase in the portfolio of shares and bonds, and the rest on the purchase of BTCZ.

BTCZ will show stable growth based on interaction with the SFZ, which will enable the SFZ to sell coins in foreign markets and receive additional profits to increase its asset portfolio.

Transfer to the blockchain of the Stock markets which has already begun, at the present time, will provide an opportunity for circulating the project’s work according to certain algorithms in order to completely remove the human factor, therefore, later the community will vote for the algorithms in the fund, namely the number of% ratio when buying stocks and bonds, profit distribution, etc.

The main unresolved task will remain, the technical implementation of the project is decentralization, namely, transferring the whole physics of the SFZ to the blockchain, so at the initial stages this project will be guided partly in manual mode, and software will be written as far as possible in order to further decentralize the project.


Apoyo la idea. Que hace falta para ponerlo en movimiento.


BNB grows along the same path. The exchange, making a profit, systematically buys it off. Therefore, an enormous growth is noticeable. People see this and an automatic pump occurs.


I like the joint fund for the permanent purchase of BTCZ. It would be very useful in the current price situation.


BtcZ community highly against quick pump/dump actions, tokens also against our whitepaper.
It is not so clear what you really would like to achieve by your post (unable to read by a non native english speaker).
Please clarify it better, cause in this form to me it gives a shady outlook. Im so sorry to say, no harassment.


I agree, this whole proposal lacks clarity. What are you proposing exactly?