TxtZ Wallet (BitcoinZ SMS based Wallet)


Definitely @Marcelus is a hero! As well as @renuzit and all devs and coders! Very appriciate it Bro! Soon will be funded for sure!
Keep it up! I suggest to not bother atm with legal side…
It has to be run at first to claim legal side of it (, has to be supported by legal groups - near soon). So one comes with tbe other, couldnt be exist without the one. Service has to run to get supporters.
I also suggest to move this half topic and collect everything under a new TxTZ main topic with all the informations.
Or call help to move & rename/ rewrite it!
@cryptorex could help!
To make it even more official.


Thank you all ! I appreciate your support and it is with pleasure that I continue more than ever. And also thanks to @renuzit and all the other coders, again, who wrote the start code for the TxtZ project.

Yep, I often go too deeply into the technique and forget that it is not easy for everyone to understand. So yes, we could open a new topic more informative than technical? (and keep the technical information in a private topic)

From the premise that (at the base) it is @renuzit’s project, do you want to write a new topic about? (and we archive this one)

And for next step (I like to push forward),
I created a small draft site for TxtZ (I chose a URL at random and I disabled the search engine). But I’m definitely not good at web design and I need help with this task. (It is for the moment a lot of plagiarism and I took the image on google): https://sites.google.com/view/acf23jrsd6h78kwewrrrr21345gfm9

If someone is interested in building the site, I share the access in edit mode to continue the work. @renuzit, I can (if you want) also share with you the servers SSH access (securely based on public/private SSH certificate)… LET’S BUILD A TEAM !

** I am confident that this project can make a big difference if it is well managed. And I will continue to support him (even financially) the best I can. **


Congratulations Marcelus!!


FYI, I own txtz.org. Just let me know where to point it.


Yep, no problem. I’m not ready with this website, I was to busy with the payment gateway. But I will come back to you once I have advanced more (and something prettier).


friends, I can talk to our designer. maybe we can help you. write wishes. Thank you .
p.s how do i post a photo here where the store accepts bitcoinz)) I (we) did it. )) with love about you


Friend, maybe I can help with the money for the needs of the community as well. for example, I will still buy coins and send money from them to business. I am now thinking about developing the stock exchange, listing bitcoinz for nothing. and part of the money from the stock exchange, I think to save for the fund of coins. this will be good . Who wants to help security write.
guys we make a website for a company who agreed to shed for bitcoinz products. What are the proposals for integrating payments with the community as a whole? Thank you.


You can use the built in (up arrow) upload icon on toolbar or if your pic is too large, download an image share app (Imgur) and insert that link into the built in tool.


What kind of proposals you mean?
Our plugins are free to use, or if you meant the basic steps about accepting our coin is here:

Make sure you also upload them to http://btczdirectory.com so we can find and advertise them easily! :slight_smile:


A “BTCz-Bank” (or direct exchange desk) by country? or also by third-party “financial” company? … I explain;

  1. The company sells goods in exchange for BTCz, but most likely has to buy these goods in another currency (at least partially), the company will therefore have to resell (at least a part of) the BTCz to pay the suppliers.
  2. Currently, few people have BTCz. Customers will probably have to buy BTCz before buying merchandises in the company.
  3. The “BTCz-Bank” (this term sounds good) is the link between the company and customers (like paypal or other in a online-shop). This “Bank” must therefore have significant liquidity (financial investment) and have the necessary legal authorization in term of finance according to the user countries.

:muscle: If someone decides to do it in one country (or region), others will follow. :muscle:
But we have to be aware of the risk, not only financial but also legal.


Yesterday spoke with a friend on a legal basis. licenses immediately want money. My offer to make an exchange in a quiet country, an exchange, you can attract private investors who want to make money on the exchange. then make an official license. )) I think about it and look at the country to create such an exchange and exchange. many exchanges operate without licenses. In any case, I will try to make a reliable exchange Flying Dutchman. anonymous))))). I will need some community help. The exchange will not directly relate to the btcz community, but we will be able to capitalize on different currencies. I have a few euros, $ I can exchange for support and development. but first you need to do the technical aspects of the capital-peopl platform)). even a mini-ICO spend!))


some I can help with the exchange. Saturday will talk with the owner about it. I will draw my own scheme of exchange and private investment vision. give me time to think better. I have a friend, maybe he will give his bank))) for interest in the project.
guys, if we do, everything will work out. look at litcoin they already have a bank. we act. The task now is that they would recognize btcz and buy goods. it is necessary to create the financial side of the project attractive. look, there will be a return consumption fund soon. (like cash back). a person bought a product, some btcz went to his account in the fund. he can take them off at least in 6 months, in 1 year, 5 years. or by request. These coins can safely give some investment. need to develop. I think and quietly do it. question of jurisdiction and licenses.
write if I wrote incomprehensibly.
I am sure the community has financiers, economists. There are tools that will remove sharp inflation.