VAULTZ : ZapBTCZ Wallet proposal

It appears the vote has passed. However, there are some trust concerns regarding how releases should be handled.

There will need to be build audits etc before we can accept and pay out on this proposal, as blind releases could hurt the project, chain, or the community.

@milesmanley has reached out to me to discuss it, but I suggested @renuzit or are better suited for this discussion. However, if there is another developer from the current teams, I’m sure they can also assist on this.


BlockquoteIt appears the vote has passed.

Great to hear, we look forward to getting to work.
I have spoken with @renuzit and I believe we have come to an agreement on how releases will be handled. Over this weekend we’ll try and get a beta built and code uploaded so @renuzit can fork our repo into a BTCZ team controlled Github Org. We will work in our repo and create clean PRs into the BTCZ controlled org’s repo for subsequent review, merge and release. We would like to sign release but if BTCZ team members are building then this would lie on, as we currently see it, @renuzit.

Will update this thread with any news, hopefully we’ll have some over this upcoming weekend :slight_smile:


These are really great news guys !


is this still on the top or what happened?! My informations about it a part of the funding was sent out already for the development.
Any news about it?


Yeah no update since 4 months… :confused:


No news but no funds have been sent to the team yet as well.

I guess that we were waiting for an announcement about the date release before the payment, however we have no news from the ZelTeam about it.


@milesmanley hello man! When are we going to have a release date announced? The BTCZ is obviously ready to make the payment , we have voted for this.

Thank you


Thank you for raising this @Dio. I am eager to hear some updates, especially since it has been over half a year since the project proposal and there hasn’t been any news since!


Please @milesmanley let the address for the first part of payment by the Btcz Community

We will proceed with a btcz GitHub thread in order to include everything about the wallet as Renuzit and you have agreed.


Hey everyone :wave:

Sorry for the lack of reply here over the passed couple of months. I am excited that @VandarGR has reached out so that we can finally get to work on this :partying_face: - I believe we’ll be able to start on this in about a weeks time and be ready for release soon after. :smile:

Our BTCZ address is: t1UL64FoHM1wya4sFrGNqQDJTe5HPbomhuX

Please reach out to me on Discord if you would like to be a tester as we will need some :sweat_smile:

Thank you all and we look forward to releasing this very soon,

Miles :heart:

(My Discord username: milesmanley#9309) I will not direct message you first and ask you for any information, a scammer would so always be careful. Make sure you engage with me via the General channel in the Community Discord, not via direct message first.


Amazing news! Thank you for your response. And thank you @VandarGR for acting as a catalyst of this collab!


The first part of the payment will be sent ASAP!

:wink: thank you for your msg Miles!


Hey there Miles!

I hope you are doing well!

I just wanted to ask on behalf of BtcZ community for ZapBTCZ wallet progress, since it has been 12 weeks now since your last message. Can we count on it being released before 2nd half of this year?

All the best!


Hello Miles,

Do you have any News about the project please
Thanks Bruno

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Hey vandar,

Just wanted to know did you sent the payment to Miles ?
Hope no


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Hello @Monobody - I am doing alright - hope you are well too.

I apologise for the delay and lack of communication on my side. It has been a hectic couple of months and amongst everything my time to spend on this project got eaten up.

I am going to look at providing the initial version by the end of June - this gives me a comfortable timeline to build to.

@brudu92 I have no issue with returning the funds exactly as they were sent by @VandarGR - if the community would like me to do so. I understand the frustration the long delays may have caused.

So as mentioned my intention is to release this to the code repo at the end of June 2020.

Kind regards and thank you for your patients,



Hey @milesmanley :wave:

I don’t have any doubts and i am not judging :blush:
I think the only thing that all people here wants it’s just a sign of life.
I don’t takes long to write something.

By the way i’m nobody to tell you to return something.

Just hope you can get us at least updated every weeks


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Almost everything had been postponed for some time , during this COVID-19 pandemic, in many sectors!
@milesmanley thank you for this update!

We are looking forward to seeing the next repos for the wallet :wink:

Stay safe !


Hey @milesmanley,

I’m OK, not great, but OK :wink:

Thanks for your response and the update on the wallet situation. We could really use a fresh wallet :slight_smile:

I can see how these times are hectic as you are in the process of developing your node network. ZEL is doing great and I wanted to congratulate you and your devs on the initiative of using nodes computational power towards protein folding tasks via [email protected] platform, very useful!

I hope we will have more co-op projects with ZEL people in the future!



How is it going Miles?

Will you have a present for us on our 3rd BTCZ Birthday on Sep 12th? :slight_smile: