Vote here the VAULTZ percentage (Community Fee)


Why this Community Fee is so important when the source code of the project has not been modified in more than three months?
By the way, can somebody please help me to find in the source code of the project the unique algorithm for BitcoinZ (the one making it different from ZCash) and the ZHash ASIC Resistant algorithm? I just need to know the name of the file/files holding them.


The Zhash is an equihash variant like many other ASIC resistant versions as those used in BTG , Zel , SAFE etc

The vaultZ is covering other need than this of a general code update btw.


Thanks for your answer! Let me know if I’m wrong. If it is an equihash variant, then I guess the innovation for the ZHash algorithm regarding to ZCash was to set a new entry for the template Equihash<N,K> (lines 786 to 795 in the equihash.cpp file), with N=144 and K=5, but besides that, is there something else really relevant to this algorithm I’m not paying attention to?


Welcome! Your post is not relevant to this topic, but let me answer.
@renuzit and other awesome coders worked for more then a month to rewrite the whole Equihash 144,5 variant to make it Asic resistant, from the base. So Zhash isnt really 144,5 or just barealy. We had previously the Zcash core base of Equihash 209 variant, but it wasnt a fork.
Edit: thats why we had to make the first miner for the first unique asic resistant algo (Zhasher) and the other new EFWB and lolminer is just based up on that.


Let me disagree, but it is relevant to this topic. Your are asking for funds to pay to the programmers and If the coin is driven by an open community, I think we should know what this funds are used for. By the time being, the project is stucked for more than 3 months, so there’s no one programmer working on it.
Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m very interested in the proposal of this project too, but today I can’t see any relevant progress respect to the ZCash project (I would like someone telling me, for example, look at the files <some_file1>.cpp, <some_file2>.cpp, etc. and you will find the unique and distinctive source code from BitcoinZ) and I don’t get what this funds will be used for.
ZHasher seems to be a BitcoinZ project but it’s obsolete. I can’t say anything about EWBF and lolMiner because they don’t seem to be open source and I don’t know whether or not they are related to the BitcoinZ project.


The VaultZ proposal is describing many examples/cases for those funds’ spending and the most of them were not related with code development, so I cannot find any relation between the question of your post and the VaultZ proposal.
Please read the first part which has been already approved by the 94% of the Community.
Maybe never again we had so many voters and so big win for one side.


My vote of the first part was positive too, it’s necesary to have liquidity to do some improvements, but it doesn’t mean I can’t disagree with some things.

Cases for which a strong Community Fund is needed :
“External cooperations with certain freelancers / developers” and “Partnership or funding the development or redesign of a specific app” involve code development.
“Marketing / Promoting BTCZ” and “Entering new exchanges” is necesary, of course, but if you don’t have an unique base code nobody will take it seriously. All the days I’m seeing new messages in my Twitter account describing how wonderful BitcoinZ is, but I can’t see the same resolution to improve the base code, and I think that my claim has a lot to do with the VaultZ proposal.


A major core code update would require a new hard fork, something that in this phase would not help us for a certain direction.
We run the safest/bug free version of Zec , with the right equihash alternative choice in order to stay ASIC resistant.

If we see that a newer zec core is bug-free , or if we need a new asic shielding alternative or if we take a decision for reducing the block time for a speed upgrade , we could discuss a major upgrade for those cases.
However in this phase is not a must-have. Maybe in a couple of months / btw the VaultZ could contribute in keeping a better pace in such major upgrades.

PS : we should not underestimate the power of the social media.
The most coins out there are open source copies of each other. Their differences are 1)the extra features built around them by their members (variety of wallets , extra apps etc) , 2)their extra deals with exchanges /sellers accepting them and of course their 3)fundamental rules and philosophy (rewarding structure PoW or PoS , premine or not etc).
BtcZ has a very special character and has made an excellent job in (1) and (3) but it needs more push in the (2) imho.
And this can be achieved only by making known the (1)&(3) to the people in order to make the coin recognizable and well adopted.

So yes , twitter/fb/reddit etc can make the difference and every other promo action as well.


I hope I am wrong, but unfortunately I can’t say so today.


You can see every informations here:


Thanks for the link!


I hope I’m wrong. That is it !

Nothing more … why add?


I will stay and leave a small farm for support. and I will do a project with you. I know that things will give a good result. price will rise. look at the development of dash. The project that I am doing. There will always be a bitcoinz presence, I know this will give fruit. I’ll have to go to the jungle and make payments there. I will even talk to cannibals)) they need a coin. I’ll talk to Indies with my acquaintances.
I have already donated 300.000 btcz to development. faith and action will give good results.
with love about you!


Thank you for your kind words and deeds my friend!


All will be good! Good luck



Thats the spirit what BitcoinZ needs! What tooks BTC on front, was only acceptance (and of course the tech at that time). We have better tech, so we only need now to go out and spread the acceptance, make it to use. A usefull coin will deserve a better price by default! :wink: and while that we also can improve (which what BTC cant, because they are hesitating at every change in it).


And so much thanks for your direct donation! Only Holding our Diamond will not make any improvements, we have to make it usefull!


take steps. write ideas for improvement. also help develop a system for accepting payments in the store, the exchange of our ecosystem. Now I am negotiating over the creation of a special rare useful product, herbal tinctures. which can only be bought for a coin. btcz