3 tests Transactions not received

I have set up a new btcz wallet (Android app) and sent 3 tests transactions (on livenet) from it, and none of them have been received in the receiving wallet.
The 3 transactions show confirmations.
I am not sure what’s going on.
I have done 10’s of transactions with BTCZ wallets before, and everything went fine.
The 3 tx ids are:

txid #1

txid #2

txid #3

Why is the receiving wallet not showing the incoming transactions and the amounts transfered?
Both wallets used : v10.2.0 (on Android)
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

explorer.btcz.rocks is showing that the amounts have been sent to the correct addresses. But thoses amounts are just not showing in the btcz wallet. Obviously something not right with the btcz wallet, but what ? Any advice on the resolution of this issue would be appreciated. Thanks