A Poem about Btcz


Hi all.

Wrote the below poem for Btcz.
Please share, tweet etc etc and enjoy.

I’m not an OG
But I will let you in on a hidden gem for free
Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

This ain’t no scam nor is it a ponzy
There was no ico, airdrop or premine for this crypto-currency.

With bitcoin fundamentals, a zcash core and zk-snarks for privacy
ZHash algo making ASICs history
This coin is backed with some serious technology
Not to mention, TxtZ, for those who have no internet connectivity

21 billion max supply, there’s more than enough for everybody.
GPU mining is core policy
Hodl in your dedicated wallet for android or PC
Got an IPhone? Use Coinomi.
One day, you’ll pay for your morning coffee with a negligible fee.

Supported and maintained by the community
Accept this invitation and join the family
We fight for freedom and personal liberty
Our founding principle is Equality,
In decentralization we trust,
We are BitcoinZ!

by Akta86


Could someone Photoshop this in to an image and tweet it. Too many characters to tweet otherwise.


Lol Nice. The btcz rap.
community is more than welcome to add/amend/put their own spin on this as they see fit.


the text on the image is not exactly the same as above … let you IN on the … etc.


I deleted previous message about I edited the text a bit, corrected some line to fit with Rythm and to be spell corrected.
I transitioned it into a Rap, but I deleted. So only fixes.




I think you should add back the last two lines in logo format. That was pretty awesome!


No problem Bro! I make your art as you wish! :slight_smile:


umm lol those last lines made me laugh. sounds like a women’s march with pussy hats. equality? we aren’t trying to fight for equality, nothing like the 1920s suffrage movement.


Those last lines are actually taken straight out of the BTCZ white paper. The founding principles of BTCZ are