About the Proposals category


This category is utilized for:

  1. Posting Proposals that are on the voting block, or those Proposals soon to be slated for voting listed on https://info.btcz.rocks,

  2. Facilitating an open discussion regarding said Proposals,

  3. Gathering community feedback from the open discussion to assist the community in:

  • Adjusting the Proposal, if determined to be necessary based on feedback,

  • Gauging community sentiment for the Proposal, or

  • Discussing potential risks in implementing the Proposal and adjusting accordingly, if the risk is determined to violate the Proposal Criteria for Community Acceptance as detailed in the Community Paper.

The Code of Conduct outlined in the Community Paper applies to all discussion in this Community Forum, and can and will be enforced by restricting or banning from the forum and/or the community.

Community Paper:


I think the best thing is to try to create the minimum of possible categories, for example I think I would edit the category pools and just leave mining, what do you think?


:man_shrugging: I’m fine with that for pools. For this category, only admins can create posts – anyone can read and reply.

I was also thinking of creating an announcements category with the same permission restrictions.

Let me know your thoughts on those.