Adding of BTCZ to BoxWallet

Hi all,

I’m the creator of BoxWallet and I’m crowdfunding for 100K BTCZ for each command to add BitcoinZ to BoxWallet

BoxWallet is a CLI app that, that allows the installing of a wallet/node with just a few commands.

./boxwallet coin - allows you to choose your coin of choice, which then downloads the project’s core files from their official website, and installs them automatically.

./boxwallet start - starts the coin’s daemon, which syncs the Blockchain.

./boxwallet dash - displays a dashboard with the coins Blockchain and wallet info.

If anyone would like to contribute, I accept via vidulum tips, and the address is: t1RQxnbaAQW88evTHtFGvfSywyE9tNA24ym

We’ve already hot 105K so work has started on the first command :slight_smile:

Thank you

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It’s an independent full node wallet? Will it enable privacy addresses too?

I think VaultZ funds could be enabled here if others like the idea. Seems very promising!