Adoption by Singapore blockchain initiative


I was watching this video on YouTube.
City of the Future: Singapore – Full Episode | National Geographic

Near the end of the video, there was talk about how Singapore was looking to blockchain to solve the fraud issues in the financial district. They want to have the distributed ledger system so that accurate transactional records can be kept.

I wrote to the minister of finance [email protected]

I suggested that they look into adopting BitcoinZ as their blockchain technology for the financial district.

I know it may sound a bit far out there to write to the minister of a foreign nation that I have no ties to and have never been there. But I feel strongly enough that if a country would adopt BitcoinZ. It would do a lot for the coin and give it a legitimacy that would break it free from all other altcoins.

If there is anyone out there that has ties to Singapore government to even see if there is a chance that this could happen that would be huge!

I see in the facebook thread that Africa may be adopting BitcoinZ and that is great also.

Post your comments please.


Me parece genial!!! No tengo contactos en Singapur pero espero tenga sus frutos!!


Necesito más gente escribiendo al gobierno para persuadirlos a mirar.


Manos a la obra!!! Pasa el contacto para enviar solicitudes


[email protected] a esa dirección hay que escribir verdad?


Si, escríbelos en esa dirección


:+1: perfecto hoy envío


Ya les mandé un correo. Aviso si me contestan. Otros deberían hacer lo mismo.


It’s great to know how SGD & BitcoinZ pair can be adopted in Singapore-the city of future. WOW…BitcoinZ will build it a legitimacy and unbreakable payment solutions from this plan. :+1:


That can only happen if we can gather enough people to partition the Singapore government to take a look into BTZ as their ledger system.


I think this idea came up and applied in iran


I’ll do some research and see if Iran adopted BTZ. Do you know what was the outcome.


Я плохо излагаю мысли на Английском языке.
Я говорю что эта идея неплохо бы подошла Ирану.
Они очень сильно нуждаются в децентрализованной криптовалюте.


Me parece una buena idea lo de Iran, habría que enviar una solicitud, total no perdemos nada con intentar.


Oh wow, how audacious! I believe numerous countries of the third world could benefit from decetralization as a means of cutting unnecessary burrocracy


It may be an audacious move to approach the minister of finance of Singapore. As I see it, in order for BtZ to have a chance at surviving. It needs to be adopted by an economy that can really drive the technology. Not saying that the other countries can’t add value but to make the leap out of the shadow of Bitcoin (original). We need a financial powerhouse such as Singapore.

As I stated with I began this thread, they are looking to blockchain tech to fix their financial industry.

They can use BTZ to catapult them where the need to go.

I am hoping this thread gathers spirit and support. I am writing the minister of finance office again. I urge everyone to help push this idea that is a win-win for everyone involved.


Attach White Paper to the Letter. Let It Read


And what is the outcome? I read that Iran issued their own crypto, what for to adopts BTZ?


I don’t think that they’ve accepted BitcoinZ blockchain for the country’s issues :smile: But that’s good try I would say


Thanks for such a comprehensive answer. Have you got an answer from the minister yet?