Advertising within smartphone apps


hmm guys, i have a question. Did anyone try with in application advertisement? you can target people there. People would be reached on their smartphones. Which currently is addicting entire world, so reaching people on telephones could work easier? i Have some apps with Notification abilities, and i could ask friend also to share notifications with BTCZ banner or info page, and we could see click back and interests. (this i could do for free within my apps) further we would need to work with advertisement platforms for smartphones (if click back would be satisfying)… Any thoughts about this, should i try to advertise in my applications?


Its called google adwords and cost much if you really want to see your advertisement!
A good minimum set on there is daily 15$ limitation with a 0.6$ per click price means avg 450$ monthly. This is the minimum.
A small business pays avg 1000$ per month, big bussinesses like Exrates why you see it often is because they pay 10-30.000$ per month.


hm… like i said i would not put in advertise like adwords. Notifications within aps… i set what i want to send to users. people which are using my applications. if they have notifications enabled i can send them whatever i want.
that is free and it is not AD… Ads are diferent. :slight_smile: