AdWord advertisment - google advertise (passed - done)

Problem statement

BitcoinZ is great coin, but many people don’t know this coin well, or they have not even heard about it. The problem is that other coins are well advertised and promoted on many different crypto sites.

Mission Statement or Vision

How our coin will get more exposure and more people interested in our Community.

After a certain point, advertisement won’t be needed so much. Because, as our Community grows, the coin will be <<automatically>> advertised. However, till then we should consider at least some minimum advertisement.

Objectives to be achieved

We should put VaultZ+Hydra to »work« and start using some funds for advertisement.

Preferred approach

• Best advertisements are in my opinion:

• Facebook advertisement

• AdWords (Google advertisement)

• Posts on websites, or mails to subscribers on some crypto sites.

• Social media sharing (but still I think there are too many bots so this way we cannot achieve a decent amount of really organic views)

• Any other advertisements (Stickers, calendars, flyers, actual btcz coins……)

Benefits statement

With advertisement, we will gain bigger community, so our daily volume will increase, and also price of BTCZ will increase.

Performance and progress measures


Currently, I’m using AdWords to advertise our website ( for 5€ a day, for that we get approximately 15.000 impressions (views of our AD) and around 400 views for our website.

When ads were lunched, traffic on site also increased:

Everything depends on how ad is set up. I advertised a lot my games for smartphones, so first you need to get optimal words and locations and everything. You see when I started I used 20 € a day and it was way worse:

Only 650 impressions and 25 clicks.

Risks and ways to address them

In the beginning there is risk that ad gets refused by Google, but I got right words around and images so that now it is approved.

Facebook’s advertisement is harder, they don’t want competition for their Libra thing (is that a crypto coin?? :] )

I also got good contact from where I tested and paid 150$ for mail recap advertisement.

Usually people subscribed to mailing lists of crypto sites are more likely to check Ads regarding Coins. In my opinion 

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

I can run Ads on Google AdWords for a month for example or couple of months. Since Platform needs Bank account and money on it. Or if someone else would like to take care of it no problem. I can give all data to someone else so that campaign can start easily.

Cost estimates and funding sources

Cost depends on how much we would invest, like I said now it is on 5€ a day, I will run ads for couple of more days. Then I will stop it (I can’t give all my salary to advertisement sorry)

But if we would decide to go for it I would risk 5€ a day and pay (or more, depends on how much we decide to invest with the second section of the Poll)… and this way I would get paid by VaultZ for the funds that I have spent for the promo.

  • Yes

  • No

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If you voted yes, please specify how much you think we should invest in advertise:

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • more (write in comment how much)

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I voted “NO” for a simple reason: BTCZ doesn’t need advertising, but use cases do.

What exactly will you promote? ? Ok… Then the user will get on the main website seeing a coin, like any other out there already available… This would not bring volume to BTCZ. Of course “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” - specialists would say - but it wouldn’t help that much.
I don’t want to turn you down or give you the impression that I do not appreciate your efforts, I do, but I think it should be packed wisely in a more professional approach.

If you ask me I would try to promote BTCZ services… It would be more helpful to promote the payment gateway for businesses(and target those that search for options to accept crypto) or promote KioskZ… or any other tool BTCZ has.

Promoting a coin simply because it is alive and transactions work would not bring anything good … but promoting a certain service that is helpful is the real deal.
Until the proposal is shaped to something more established/studied/targeted service my response is a NO.

If it is planned wisely it can generate interest. I hope my comment is taken as a constructive reply.


Yes I agree with you, BTCZ does not need advertising, but it needs awareness. I’m making just this.
And yes, I’m promoting website, but you need to understand that I’m promoting website with different ad sets, currently I have 3 ad sets. I promote KioskZ, I promote decentralization, and I promote asic free coin. AND yes all this three sets of ads drive people to where people can read more information about those things. I’m not promoting “this is the best coin, buy it” or “buy our coin”. I’m in advertising for many years now.
But OK it is your opinion and if you think it is not so important in this market where we have 1000 of coins to stand up a bit to show people that we exist… No worries. Coin can rise with or without advertisement. I just trying to help :slight_smile:


Like I stated in my previous comment the idea is good, I just wouldn’t spend money on anything else than promoting services, not ideas.
I appreciate the help and I know this proposal is made for the greater good of BTCZ. I just said no to this because I would say yes to “promote payment gateway” or “Promote TxtZ”.

The idea is that each cent spent on ads should bring users closer to be dependent of BTCZ services (like payment gateway, txt or anything else). A return of investment in “awareness” is not as important as having more transactions on chain or more trading volume.

This proposal will pass anyway, with or without my vote. I was just hoping to spark an idea to target a smaller audience than the whole world of crypto enthusiasts. Having a specific niche can help more.

Keep up the good work.


I wasn’t home, but now I am, so I’m sending you screenshot of how ads look like…

and under each ad there are 3 different texts :slight_smile:


I think it’s very good idea to use adwords to attract interesting and interested people to the community, but as long as we look for a good segment of people who can contribute something to BitcoinZ, focus advertising to people who can really use the currency as a form of payment that It is the real utility or owners of woocomerce online stores that intend to implement a cryptocurrency as a form of payment, etc. Whenever advertising is well directed, it can be a huge source of useful members that will attract many other users. If you want help with this topic let me know, I will be happy to help with this;)


@Rokmikuz already knows how much I appreciate his efforts and his brilliant idea of pushing our Project through Google AdWords (and not only! In reality Rok has already made many other marketing efforts by his own !).

Of course I voted yes , like the most of you have also done.

However after speaking with @cryptorex , we noticed that it would be much wiser to have this proposal passed but to pause the campaign until we get a new site.
Right now , our site is not updated with important data about the project , like VaultZ , the new Dynamic Roadmap , the new available payment gateways by @Marcelus etc.
We urgently need a modern site , with Community newsfeed, with a dynamic table informing about the new Roadmap’s targets , with extra informative material about the coin, maybe an interactive modern look etc.
All that BEFORE enabling this campaign , in order to maximize the effectiveness of every AdWord click leading to our site.
Because the most important thing that someone will take in consideration is the project’s site , before deciding to join the Discord channel etc.

So Cryptorex is approving the proposal, @Rok will get a VaultZ payment to cover the cost for the Summer AdWords Campaign (about 160 euros) , but it would be wiser to pause the campaign until the new site is online.

A new-site bounty proposal will be launched soon :slight_smile:

Again many thanks to Rok for his great idea and contribution !


Thanks @Rokmikuz and @VandarGR - I’ve submitted the transfer proposals to the Community Chest wallet and the funds are being sent to @Rokmikuz approx 1.2million at current prices to compensate for the campaigns.