Algorithm change?

Is the Zcash algorithm still resistant to ASICs and FPGAs? Good idea to change algorithm to KAWPOW? That would be a good advertisement for a coin.

It is a good idea, RVN also changed by this algorithm. It should be debated

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I’m a layman and I don’t know if that would be possible, but if we add or change to a CPU algorithm, I believe that more people would know about the currency if it were possible to extract by CPU, many people don’t have a VGA at home, but many have a CPU .

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Вероятно в данный момент владельцев FPGA наша монета не очень интересует из-за низкого спроса на рынке

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I am not so sure that switching it to KAWPOW is a good idea. RVN is a very popular PoW coin and ASICs targeting KAWPOW are being developed as I am writing this now. We should come up with a variation of Zhash, similarly to ZEL, an algo that would be unique for our coin but not too hard to come up with. But first we would need a dev capable of doing it, which we don’t. Who would know where to find one?


A custom ZHash would be nice.

I think there may be a FPGA ZHash Bitstream around by now, ZHash ASIC? I doubt it?

Been on KAWPOW with a few differ rigs, uses lots of power, works better on NVidia. AMD’s can mine but some people reported power cable burning up from the extra power needed. My AMD 470’s kept Crashing after a few hrs so I am not using them on KAWPOW.

Still Mining some BTCZ too!



2 ideas

1 Algo that can be mined by mobile phone & wifi

2 lighter algo for private adress only that can be mined by phone and bluetooth

For 2 idea be able transact shield adress even if the main electricity netxork is down…