An updated BitcoinZ description


BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is revolutionary digital coin (cryptocurrency).

It has the fundamentals of the well known Bitcoin :

It  is Community Driven, it has no owners or “CEO”, it implements the Proof of Work approach (it is minable like Bitcoin)  and it is ideologically based with a noble cause, targeting to offer worldwide free transactions with virtually ZERO cost for all.

However BitcoinZ has its own genesis block, it is NOT a Bitcoin fork and is not an airdropped coin to Bitcoin (or any other coin) owners.

It had a transparent and fair launch with :

NO premine (no coins allocated to any adress before the source code release),

NO instamine ( not initially minable only by a closed group with superior rewards)

NO ICO sales (no special priced presold coins for making money),

NO  Developers Fee (developers have worked voluntarily and every decision is taken by all the Community members)

BitcoinZ is technically utilizing the ZCash core, offering privacy features (something that Bitcoin does not do) with the Zk-snarks cryptography and is achieving considerably faster transactions speed.

In addition, the coin has been designed with a bigger maximum supply of 21 Billion coins targeting to make the prices easier without long decimal numbers.

The reduction of its block rewards for BitcoinZ has a similar plan with that of Bitcoin (every 4 years), keeping a fair character in rewarding both the current and future miners of the coin, in contrast with the speculative plans which are used by many new cryptocurrencies, targeting to give huge Rewards only to their initial miners by halving the rewards with a very fast pace.

Furthermore, BitcoinZ is utilizing algos offering the maximum possible ASIC Resistance. It pioneered in that , with the “ZHASH” mining algo. It was an Equihash variation which resisted the ASIC Miners wave and it was widely used afterwards by many projects.
This way BitcoinZ always protects the mining Community and it maximizes the Decentralization by making the coin minable even by a typical PC with a low-end GPU.

BitcoinZ has already completed almost all of its first Roadmap’s targets and has passed to a second one: the first Dynamic Roadmap in the Cryptocurrency world. An ever evolving Roadmap full with innovative projects, expanding the BTCZ unique Ecosystem payment gateways, TxtZ, easy share, VaultZ and Digital EatZ, just to name only a few.
In BTCZ’s Roadmap almost nothing is static, as the Community members can interact with their votes in order to change the priorities or add brand new targets which are funded by the Community Fund (VaultZ).

(learn more about its  Dynamic Roadmap by watching its presentation at -short version -long version
and even more watching the last LIVE Community Discussion with some of the BitcoinZ Developers )

BitcoinZ is listed in 8 exchanges, it has its own exclusive mobile and full wallets and it is hosted in the most well-known multiwallets as well, like Coinomi, Zelcore and the SafePay.

You will find BitcoinZ in the most famous crypto sites and apps like Whattomine, CMC, Blockfolio and Delta.

Find more about BitcoinZ by visiting the official site:

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Lets forget the Zcash part… We were based on the same Equihash 200,9 algo, nothing more is connected to Zcash only that old algo and its privacy feature (Zksnarks)
Say Equihash +Zksnarks tech, there is no reason to speak about Zcash, we have no interest with them.
Specially since Renuzit made/ modded/ totally rewritten the whole Equihash 144,5 into a new Zhash algorythm which we made!
(outer quick viewer could see we are Zcash copy <- something which we are not and we were not)


21 billions to be able to everyone hold at least 1 BtcZ.


By the way, besides my suggestions it is a fantastic job @VandarGR! This is what we need now, a freshup! Something what I prioritize at the moment.
A good , well made core needs a fresh lookout at every part!