Announcement: Major Upgrade Sapling + VaultZ (April 6-7th) v2.0.3

Community, the upgraded node wallet packages for v2.0.3 - Sapling + VaultZ activation at block 328,500 to occur on or about April 6-7th 2019 are available.

Please upgrade when you can, as the activation is about 2 weeks away. Full node wallets should be re-indexed.

The below is available now:

  1. Debian Package x64
  2. Linux x64 binary
  3. Windows x64 binary

The Windows GUI Swing wallet v2.0.3 is also available now:

If you use Coinomi or ZelCore there is nothing to do yet, as we need to notify them to upgrade, which we will be doing over the weekend.

If you use Android (Copay), we should have a new release by the time activation occurs.

We will be notifying pools and exchanges over the weekend as well.

Please stay tuned! This is definitely an exciting moment for everyone, there is still some more coordination and work involved leading upto the upgrade.


Update: Coinomi and ZelCore have been notified and have updated or are in the process of updating.

Pools and Exchanges have been notified.

We will continue to monitor progress and update here, and in other channels, regarding the update.

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