Army-Z 2.0 : The next era of Army-Z

Introduction : What is Army-Z

As probably many of you already know, Army-Z was the revolutionary concept of spending a small percentage of our Community Funds for rewarding people that just spread the word about the BitcoinZ Project with their activity in social media. This way, our Project is the first Proof of Work pure crypto that enables someone to earn coins even without mining equipment, with a stable pace outside the boundaries of a single competition.

Army-Z worked quite well as the Project made it to strengthen its presence in social media with much more interactions , twitter trends and of course improvements for all the statistics in our Community’s social media profiles.

Some great recent results coming from Army-Z were for example the TradeOgre listing or the BitcoinZ mentioning by (rank 7 exchange), events that would have been almost impossible to take place without a coordinated “social media attack” that Army-Z provides for our Project.

What exactly is the Army-Z 2.0 proposal ?

Army-Z 2.0 is the next level of the revolutionary Army-Z idea.

It was planned after the careful analysis of all the Army-Z concept flaws and has been the result of the hard job of many weeks.

The general idea is to cease having a “black or white” , “Army-Z or not Army-Z member” dual situation because obviously there are members that are extremely active, members that are elementary active because they don’t have much time and some people who possibly try to abuse the mechanism just in order to receive rewards and rarely help the project.

With Army-Z 2.0 , we are going to have a much more sophisticated structure with medallions which are related to ranks/levels. The user will be able to join Army-Z and get the basic “Army-Z member’s” medal after a relatively easy review of his associated social media Twitter account and then advance to higher ranks by gaining more medals.

We are going to have two different categories of medals, that are called functions:

The Social Media medals : Fighter’s → Knight’s → Veteran’s

The Content Creation medals : Enchanter’s → Magician’s → Archmage’s

Finally there is a special General’s medal that is granted to the Community’s social media administrators and Army-Z supervisors.

Each medal/rank has a relevant pool with weekly rewards that are distributed every Friday exclusively to the members that have these medals/ranks.

For example the Army-Z “basic” members have access to the Army-Z members’ rewards that are 10,000 BTCZ coins per week.

The Army-Z Fighters have access to the Fighters’ rewards that are 15,000 BTCZ per week, the Army-Z Knights have access to the Knights’ rewards that are 17,500 BTCZ per week and so on.

In order to advance to a next level/rank , a member of course has to fulfill its requirements and to first have acquired all the previous ones in the same “chain”.

A Fighter has to first be an Army-Z member.

A Knight has to first be a Fighter and so on.

So a Fighter is included in both the Army-Z members’ list and in the Fighters’ list, receiving rewards from both of these pools of rewards every week.

In the same way, a Knight is included in all the three lists of Army-Z members, Fighters and Knights (since he has all these three medals) and he is receiving rewards from all these associated pools of rewards.

Obviously, as the requirements are higher for each rank , the list with the members that are eligible to receive a higher rank’s rewards are less and the rewards are much better. In contrast, a single Army-Z member is in a much more populated list , sharing the weekly rewards with many more other people.

The Pool Rewards for each rank/medallion can be found in the relevant graph beneath.

The requirements for each rank can be found in the following Medallion/Ranks Analysis table.

The Rules synopsis with some easy examples for each one can be found in the next card

What do we achieve with Army-Z 2.0

Army-Z 2.0 upgrade is the most fair thing that we can do in order to achieve many improvements :

→ To reward accordingly each member depending on his efforts

→ To motivate more people to be more active

→ At the same time to not completely discourage even those who have just a few minutes per week available and they usually share the most important headlines since they can still have a basic Army-Z member’s medallion

→ To filter the abusers more effectively because the rules are very transparent and detailed for each rank, even for the very elementary medal.

→ To at last reward the Content Makers and even some members that work voluntarily for many years.

→ To have space for honorary rewards in some very special occasions that a friend of the Project has made a great deed for supporting it.

By upvoting this Army-Z 2.0 proposal, you upvote for an increase of the Marketing budget to 15% (from 10% now) coming from our yearly VaultZ income to the Community Fund. (Out of this 15%, 7,800,000 coins are going to be used in Army-Z 2.0 and the rest 2,000,000 for press releases every year with the logic that the Community had with the VaultZ budgets proposal vote).

Section with Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why we need an Army-Z 2.0 plan with ranks ?

Army-Z obviously worked offering much better results for our social media presence in comparison with the past. However there were certain flaws like the abuse by many people who tried to earn the Army-Z member role just for the rewards. Or other members that objectively could not dedicate much time while other members are super active. So the admins had to do a very demanding job in order to eradicate the abusers or to somehow “compensate” the most active members with some personalized coin rewards but not always with the most fair outcome since the were still some members enjoying Army-Z rewards without being really active and some very active members that was impossible to be spotted every single week in order to receive a personalized tip.

At last but not least there was no forecast in the classic Army-Z mechanism for content creation rewards. Content creation is as important as the social media activity and a highly needed ring in the chain of the Project’s success. Due to the fact that a decent development cannot be exposed sufficiently if there is no quality material like informative artworks, ad-videos, Youtube presentations , tutorials, press releases etc for our social media army to share. So implementing a rewarding mechanism in order to attract content creators is also crucial.

Now with this Army-Z 2.0 structure we are offering solutions to both these flaws:
The medallions/ranks sophisticated system is offering different pools of rewards that can be accessed only by the people who own the relevant medal/rank, depending on their activity in the social media or the content creation.

  1. Can someone advance in both of the two functions by owning medals of different types ?

Yes, there is no limit for advancing in both sections of Social media and Content creation. A user can gather both “battle” medals (for social media activity) and “magic” medals (for content creation) as far as he/she is contributing in both these directions.

  1. Which are the reward pools for each medal/rank ?

There are 8 different medal/ranks :

The “basic” Army-Z members that receive the relevant medal share 10,000 BTCZ each week. An Army-Z member can then begin gaining other medals of the Social Media and/or Content Creating function.
The “Fighter’s” medal (1st Social Media medal) has a reward pool of 15,000 BTCZ coins per week
The “Knight’s” medal (2nd Social Media medal) has a reward pool of 17,500 BTCZ coins per week
The “Veteran’s” medal (3rd Social Media medal) has a reward pool of 20,000 BTCZ coins per week
The “Enchanter’s” medal (1st Content Creation medal) has a reward pool of 15,000 BTCZ per week
The “Magician’s” medal (2nd Content Creation medal) has a reward pool of 17,500 BTCZ per week
The “Archmage’s” medal (3rd Content Creation medal) has a reward pool of 20,000 BTCZ per week
The “General’s” medal (for the people who additionally work for reviewing the Army-Z members and administrating the Community’s social media profiles) has an extra reward pool of 25,000 BTCZ per week.

  1. Is a previous/lower medal required in order to get the next one ?

Yes, in order to get the Knight’s medallion, a member should previously have the “basic” Army-Z member’s one and the Fighter’s one.
In the same way, in order to gain the “Archmage’s” medal, the user should first gain the Enchanter’s and the Magician’s one.

  1. The members with higher ranks/more medals, have access to all the relevant pools of rewards and lower ranks from where they have passed ?

Yes. For example a user that has a Knight’s medal /rank , has previously gained the Fighter’s one and of course the Army-Z member’s one, so he is gaining weekly rewards from all these pools with 10,000+15,000+17,500 coins which are distributed to the members that own the relevant medals.
Another user that has only the “Basic” Army-Z medal, without higher activity and further advancement, will be receiving only rewards from the 10,000 coins that are distributed to the Army-Z members each week.
Obviously the lower tiers with smaller pools of rewards will always be much more populated leading to much fewer coins for the users, while the higher tiers will have less members that fulfill the requirements leading to much more meaningful rewards. This scheme will be much more motivating for those who are highly active to continue being active or those who are not , to try harder.

At the same time this structure is self-balancing: even if some members either have no more time or have just considered the given rewards too “low” and stopped dedicating time, they would see their medals removed, leading to higher rewards for those who continue their activity (quite like it happens with mining!) , motivating others who are interested to try and get higher ranks/ more medals.

  1. Can a member “lose” his medals ?

Yes, members that don’t fulfill the requirements anymore, lose their ranks exactly in the same fashion that members were losing their Army-Z title with the previous system. However with this system the picture for each rank’s requirements is more clear with detailed rules.

For example a member that shares and interacts every week with the most important posts coming from the BitcoinZ Official account and occasionally helps the Community with some other procedures is able to keep his “basic” Army-Z medallion. A member that has built a strong twitter profile by following the other members and has got follow-backs , that interacts with every BitcoinZ post tagging other people and is almost always there for other actions like upvoting BTCZ, writing reviews, calling other army-Z members in action has a “Fighter’s” medallion.
If a member stops being active for a period of time, is losing the relevant medal (and of course the access to the weekly reward). In the same way, a member can lose even the very basic medal of Army-Z. This would not only make him unable to access the elementary rewarding pool of 10,000 coins per week, but he would not be able to receive any donation from other members that often make give-aways to the whole Army-Z using the “V-pay xxxxx coins ArmyZ” order.

  1. How exactly can a member lose medals ? Can he re-gain them ?

The exact requirements for each medal/rank are described in the Medal presentation slide of the proposal. The fact that a member has stopped fulfilling them for some time, doesn’t mean that they will instantly lose their medals though. The members that review ArmyZ activity (aka Army-Z Generals) take into consideration some factors like the consistency of a member’s activity, the overall presence of the member until then, the time length of a “pause” in their activity , possible repetition of these pauses etc.

For example: A new member that never had any activity in the past, asks to join Army-Z after sharing BitcoinZ posts for a couple of weeks . Then he stops sharing anything for few weeks. The Generals will completely remove him after a warning and will be extremely careful if he asks to re-join, reviewing his activity for some weeks.
On the other hand, a member that has long presence, supporting the project, will be most possibly granted with a longer time-frame of not fulfilling the requirements, especially when his social media account seems not active for anything else.
The concept is not to “punish” someone that was unable to use his social media account due to sudden obligations. The concept is to be open for people who dedicate even little of their free time but also to reward properly those who are highly active. We want them all and this rank system has exactly this vision.
However people that are trying to abuse this mechanism with long intentional repetitive pauses after asking to re-gain certain medals/ranks or new members that disappear after they are granted with the basic medal, they will find their medals removed much faster even without warnings and it will be even harder for them to ever re-gain them.

  1. Are there any limits in the number of people who can receive each medal ?

No, there are no limits in the number of people who can receive each medal / rank as long as the owners of these medals are fulfilling the requirements and are truly active. We can potentially have hundreds of Knights and Fighters for example (hopefully with an even more precious coin like it deserves to be).
There is though one exception : The General’s medal, which is given only to specific members who work for supervising Army-Z and administrating the Community’s social media accounts.
There cannot be “unlimited” Generals since there is only a certain number of available “slots” based on the administrating needs. A new General medallion can be given only if there is need for extra administrator/supervisor or in order to replace another one who might be unable to dedicate the needed time for a period of time.

  1. How the content creators are getting medals ? Is an artwork or a youtube video enough to increase a member’s rank ?

The content creators can get medals with their consistent work of supporting the BitcoinZ Project with their material.
Of course a single artwork or animation is not enough in order to get a rank forever. The Generals will take into consideration several aspects like the history of each member’s contribution, their profiles in the BITCOINZ artwork library, their Youtube channels, how dedicated are in the Project, how often they deliver content, the quality or how prototype is their content etc.
A Youtuber for example that has high quality , frequent content about BitcoinZ and greatly supports the project will enjoy a higher rank and better rewards in comparison with a youtuber that had made just a couple of videos in the past or another one who delivered mini clips for hundreds of different projects customizing one of them for BitcoinZ.

Consistency, Quality and Dedication are all taken into consideration.

  1. Which members are going to be the first Generals ? Are we going to vote for Generals every few months or something?

We all democratically vote now for this plan, its budget and its structure.

Generals are going to be the members that already administrate the social media profiles of the community and have supervised the Army-Z until today. Because a General has to strictly fulfill certain requirements for critical reasons :

  • To have in practice proven the virtue of unselfishness with hard volunteering work and public-spirited character.
  • To have a good knowledge of other member’s contribution in the project, something that obviously cannot be achieved by members that joined the project very recently.
  • To have a clean past with positive energy and extremely consistent presence in the BitcoinZ Community. This way the Community can be sure that these are trustworthy members and not just bad actors that would possibly misuse the Community’s funds.
  • To have worked as administrators for the most active Community’s social media profiles at least for a number of months so that they can more efficiently and objectively review the social media activity of the members or their created contents’ effectiveness.
  • To be a top ranked members in either Social Media Awareness or Content Creation or to be a member of the Core Development team.

Voting for Generals would not lead to an effective concept because a)it was obvious with the “Hydra” Concept that repeating too many voting procedures is only lowering the participation rate b) New or immature members would be possibly dissatisfied by certain General’s decisions leading to chaotic situations with periodic voting procedures c) A random member with hypothetical many votes could be a potential disaster for administrating a program like that with next to zero experience d) The General’s role is to maximize the effect of the Army-Z Budget , not to be a “pleasant” politician that asks for votes.

The needed pluralism and fair outcome for a possible difficult situations will be provided from the council of the Generals that can vote for example for a questionable “level up” or “level down”. So even if a General’s view is wrong, it wouldn’t affect the outcome.
At last but not least, as the Army-Z members are increasing, an extra additional General can be chosen among the best Veterans by the Council. So the General’s council will be slowly renewed (A healthy ratio would be 50 members per 1 General).

  1. Is any exception predicted for some members that can gain a rank without actually fulfilling the requirements ?

The requirements are the same for all. Like we described earlier, a somehow “increased tolerance” might be shown for the pauses coming from some members that have a long tradition of supporting the Project. But again this will happen for just a couple of times and cannot be abused.

The only exceptions of “offering” a rank as a reward without the classic attached obligations, are predicted for a) The rare event that a very special service for the Community is provided by a highly important member. In such cases the Generals Council can decide in order to grant an honorary rank to this member for a great deed for benefiting the BitcoinZ Community.
b) Rewarding with an honorary rank the active Mods of the BitcoinZ servers for their long volunteering hard work.

  1. Why we are voting with just a “YES” or “NO” a plan like this ? Why not voting for the exact budget or for the number of the BTCZ coins of each prize pool?

The ArmyZ 2.0 concept as you have probably already realized has many different parameters and factors. A “complete customization” through voting would lead to literally infinite possible combinations like different names for each ranks, different prizes for each medal, other approach for the admins, completely different budgets either higher or lower, or even other rules set and logic. This would result to an alien proposal that would be unrelated with the presented one and with so many multiple choices for each aspect in the end would most probably undermine the voting procedure itself.

It is understandable that many of us are going to think “Hmmm this number or this name could be a little different” but it would take extremely long time in order to have consensus for every small detail.
We tried to find a golden line for balancing everything and make this fair for hardcore members that dedicate many hours per week and for people who would like to dedicate just a few minutes.
For social media users and for content creators. For members with key-role in the Project’s expansion and for newcomers. For people who love this project already and for everyone who is going to love it in the future, enjoying the team spirit and interacting with interesting people.

So this is a YES or NO vote for this exact described concept. If you think that this will make the Army-Z concept more effective with less abusers and a stronger result , please vote YES. If you don’t , please vote NO.
& never forget that this is a plan in order to increase the popularity of the Project socially and coordinate its Community. The rewards are quite symbolic for everyone, even for someone who gathered every medal or a General. It doesn’t mean that people who have worked a lot for the project in the background and in many other ways all these years that usually don’t spend too much time in social media are not extremely important for the project as well, many times even without armyZ ranks, like our recent anonymous donor for the WhiteBIT listing, BarGuys funding the wrapping or Galadorn that achieved to convince the Aston Villa’s Lee Hendrie to speak for BITCOINZ, or NuCash & so many classic members that communicate underground with other developers, influencers, exchanges etc

Thank you for your time. Vote WiZely :slight_smile:

  • Yes
  • No

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Fantastic Proposal @VandarGR Thanks for all your Hard work and countless hours of Dedication to the Project! This Proposal is a Great Addition to the ArmyZ Initiative!


Fantastic Job @VandarGR. Great news for the whole community and the BitcoinZ project


bravo, un enorme boulot de maitre


Such an innovative way of inspirating more active member and make the whole community Stronger.
Also it could be a pretty cool side job and its partially a charitable movement.
What can I say? A really BIG YES!
Also inspirates me to be more active as an old member. :heart::pray:
I don’t know if the funds are available for it but till they are than why not.


Perfect, congratulations for the hard work in developing and maintaining this community… Totally approved…


Quite frankly, I’m looking forward to this update! As people move up they are more motivated and it also keeps people from becoming a part of Army-z and then disappearing forever and still getting drops.