Basketball event needs our help


Problem statement

This problem festers around every crypto community. Adoption, knowledge, usability, acceptance, fear. With this proposal I will combat those issues, but with a different vision in mind

Mission Statement or Vision

A big marketing chance has risen up.
Through a 3 vs 3 Basketball event that is hosted by a local association called “Basketica Aleksandrovo” we can promote cryptocurrency for a very cheap price.
It is a tournament held every year in the summer.
There is big potential to do groundwork marketing.
With the attendance of private businesses, local media and the citizens we are not expecting less than 400 people. That number does not count the players of the basketball teams that will participate.

Objectives to be achieved

Objectives are clear. Bring exposure, introduce people to cryptocurrency and show them the benefits pros and also warning them and pointing out the cons.
The tone of the marketing program should be that the crypto community can come together for a good cause. In this case the cause is a sports event which of course promotes health, fair play, cooperation all things even the crypto world needs. Personally, I have not seen that many events sponsored by crypto that Don’t actually have anything to do with crypto. On the other hand, what do tires have to do with a Football match.

Preferred approach

There are numerous areas that will be used as marketing space for the supporters of the event.
Flyers/Informers, T-shirts, flags, banners, billboard. Flyers/informers would be distributed by one of many girls that support the basketball event.
Info about actual crypto will be handled by me and my colleague. T-shirts will be given out to every player that is participating in the tournament.
The idea is that every single shirt has the brand of the crypto currency that supported the event.
A flag pole is used to erect the official flag of the tournament, but there is space for a big flag that can also have all the crypto logos and it would be beneath the official flag.
A billboard will be made also with all cryptos that participated and helped the event. There will be some info about the coins on one side of the billboard. There are opportunities to even name some of the teams as a coin representative. For example coin team this, coin Team that, coin Team… (just examples)

Benefits statement

Benefit possibilities are big. Covering this with 2 local tv stations, numerous businesses and local folk will bring exposure to absolutely anything.
Social media coverage will also be huge. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook will have a blast. Sponsoring an event with crytpo when the event has nothing to do with crypto is a good and humble thing.
Businesses attending the event have a change to learn about crypto right then and there.
Some of them have just heard, but many others may have been searching for a way to integrate crypto payments as a solution.
This is the chance to get them on board. Benefits are on both sides, the event gets to be more likable and pretty it gets some merchandise to take it to the next level.
The crypto projects that support it get exposure. This brings them potential miners, traders and people from all walks of life to maybe help the crypto in a way they did not even think they could.

Performance and progress measures

Daily basis status reports on social media, and on coins official channels of communication would be given.
The progress would be seen as the steps are taken. This both benefits the coin that is supporting the event and the organizers. How? We can market that on coins social media, as the steps are taken, while the basketball community promotes the coins on their social media.
That would be a huge deal.

Risks and ways to address them

There are absolutely no risks except the weather, but we are monitoring the situation from 4-5 weather forecast sources.

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

Pre event - Purchase the merchandise and the materials needed. Build a billboard.
Get flyers/informers and distribute them with a 5 person team (3 female 2 male).
Put up banners and flags, get basketballs, get shirts. Brand one refrigerator and have QR codes and prices in supporting cryptos. Get everything ready for the tournament day.
Event day - Distribute the shirts to all participants, and to some attendants. There will be a raising of the flags.
All the organizers and supporters of the event will be wearing the mentioned shirts.

Cost estimates and funding sources

A single shirt with prints of the basketball tourney and coins will cost between 1100 and 1300 dinars (1 dollar is 101 dinars) so about 10-11 dollars.

The printers will provide a 20% discount because of the large number of shirts, and will add a couple more shirts just to show a bit more support.

The shirts and print are good quality and are durable against many washes. We need 63 shirts.

Flyers/informers are done by another company, they charge 3.5 dinars (0.034$) per flyer for orders above 1500 pieces.

We need at least 3000 pieces to make an impact in the whole city so we can get as many attendants as possible.

The flyers would be full color print on both sides and folded in the middle with 170g paper thickness. 3000 x 0.034$ is 102 dollars.

The fridgerator will be mine and I will cover the branding and the coin payment acceptance. It will be gone by QR code.

I am not sure about other fridges being branded, but there is a chance they will get in on it. No promises on that.

  1. FIBA balls in Serbia cost around 220-240 $ with some sort of discount.

The billboard will be made from a metal construction. On one side there will be the name of the event, and on the other side all the coins supporting it, with website info on them.

It will not have lighting it will be a simple billboard, but it will look good. The community member making the construction wants only the material to be paid. He estimates the material cost around 10000-12000 dinars roughly 95-115$.

Banner and flag sowing and printing will be done by a sowing firm belonging to family members of a community friend.

We need 2 flags, one billboard that is 10 meters long, and another 3-4 smaller ones with the length of 3-4 meters. He made a deal with the firm (his family) if they get to put up their name on the banner they will do it for 30% of the price.

                        1-3 m2 - 22 EUR/m2, 3-5 m2 - 20 EUR/m2, 6-10 m2 - 18 EUR/m2, 10-25 m2 - 13 EUR/m2, 25+ m2 - a discount that would be verbal. 

Opposing arguments and responses
I will be answering any and all questions about the proposal and event at hand. IMHO this would be huge for every crypto involved.


What we do have funds for: Referees, Dj’s, sound systems, tournament data recorders.
A major Serbian water company is sponsoring the event with lots of bottled water and Sun umbrellas, chairs from the town council, electrical company provided us with free power.
Medical staff at the event ready to react if necessary.
There was never a need for them, but security staff and they donated 4 guys to the cause because they love sports, fair play and communities coming together. They are martial artists.


First tournament -

Second tournament -

Third tournament -

27.06.2018 - court yard on that day. Poor concrete surface was not really safe.

28.06.2018 - The city council announces work on the court surface to improve it :slight_smile:

20.07.2018 - The city council actually delivers on a promise :slight_smile: Contstuction began :slight_smile:

The completion date is not known yet, but it will be done by the end of July. Everyone will be informed and links will be provided once the work is done.

Instagram -

Facebook -

Some general info:
Dear BitcoinZ I am contacting you as a miner, and supporter of cryptocyrrency.

My name is Howells11 at discord, I come from Subotica, a town in the Republic of Serbia.

I have a background in management and marketing and with that in mind, I am contacting you with a proposal to bring cryptocurrency more exposure through f2f contact with attendants and participants of a sports event.

The event is a community based as are the coins that will receive this proposal. This is a true win win situation, The event/tournament gets banners, stickers, flyers, billboards branded shirts, etc.

Their basketball community gets exposure on crypto social platforms. The tournament goes to a next level.

The crypto world and especially the coins that supported get a lot of marketing with a good message.

They get exposure also and all for a good cause. Supporting Fairplay, sports, health, community spirit and so many other aspects.

This would be a really unique thing for different projects come together and help out a community just trying to get things together for a better tomorrow.

All mentioned above is to put this to a more formal level. Funds are involved.

But in this part I would like to bring some light to the basketball community. We are a bunch of guys and girls that started hanging out at the basketball court, playing, just sitting around having fun.

So we cleaned it up and organized a small tourney just for us and the idea was born. We do a lot of community work (cleaning school yards, parks, roadsides).

We promote fair play, health, social awareness. It would be a huge deal for us if the crypto projects step up and help out, but it would also benefit them because of the media/social media coverage and marketing potentials.

As you see from the links provided the event grew and grew. We even had Nikola Kalinic attend one of them. He is a basketball player for the Serbian national team and many European basketball teams.

He grew up in that part of town where the courtyard is located. Those were his first basketball steps. Why is he not more involved I don’t know.

It may have something to do with contracts that he signs with his clubs or sponsors, who knows. We were grateful that he at least showed up.

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Hi. Great idea! Definitely need more crypto sponsored events.
Question, why the proposal? Do you want this to be paid out of community funds?
Why not setup a donations address so all members can contribute what they can.
Also any chance you could record the games and put them up here, that would be cool.



I like the idea and the costs don’t seem that big.
Please set up a donation address so we can send BTCZ there. Or, if you think we should use community funds, try and improve the proposal so the community understands what they need to vote for.

Hope this goes well.


Hello, Great way to introduce our community to others. Thanks. I join the donation.


Thanks for the question. I posted your question with my answer on discord.
A donation address will be setup later today. I am not looking for any paticular source. If it is from a community member out of his on pocket and it is btcz i consider that from btcz community. All games will be recorded, there will be twitter live video. Not the whole tournament :slight_smile: Instagram posts with mentions of crypto community help, Pictures aswell. It will also be covered with facebook. I will twitter my ass off.


What i would like is that the community sees the potential here. We would be moving crypto in a place where it is mined/traded and trust me a lot of people are asking and thinking of adoption as a means of payment.

The donations go to promo material that will represent crypto. We market crypto helping and promoting sports,health,people getting together. We make a local tournament very visable with those banners, billboard, shirts and on all of them is BitcoinZ (for example)

What do we get out of it? Marketing over all social networks. We get 400-500 atendants at an event. The potential is huge. I dont want to talk about numbers, but what i can say is that all present that day will see shirts,flyers,baners with huge logos of coins and with thank you notes. I dont know a person who will not ask “what is BitcoinZ” “Wow look at crypto sponsoring such an event” ?


Here is the first picture they did today :slight_smile: With the donatin address.


Thank you sir. Nice to see support.


This idea is very good because it’s trying to reach out to crypto virgins, people who are new to crypto. These are exactly the kind of people we should go after.


Thank you sir for the comment and the support . That is one of the goals that i try to tackle. Many of those participants and atendants will have relations to computer science, marketing, owning businesses, or just plain simple miners. Trust me Subotica has a lot of miners :slight_smile:


great idea, i voted yes. We need the crypto message to be spread.


Thanks for the support, the idea is we help them help us.


In the instagram and facebook links there are donation addresses.


Like it , I can image people from 7-77 years old there… Idea can be good for both sides,thats nice as well. Correct me if Im wrong btcz is not only cryptocurrency involve in this event ?! Maybe you could make live stream on Instagram or Facebook, that could boom?!


hey srbine,

what about adress?


@kovach It will be done tomorrow, we were busy with ogranisation. It will be setup. :))


Yes my friend, see you can join the forum, not just mine :slight_smile: Facebook,instagram and twitter. Also there will be 2 local tv stations.


Donated some :slight_smile:
Pozdrav iz Slovenije :slight_smile: