BircoinZ Burn increase prices by reducing supply


Max supply we must burn at very high intervals

sample: BtcZ monthly %1, %3 %5

increase prices by reducing supply



Not sure what you mean but whatever it is
I vote no


No! No change of supply to reduce emission and increase price. Everything should follow the whitepaper, otherwise BTCZ will scam.


I mean we can raise prices by reducing supply.


the entire point of the white paper is to have enough coins for at least every person in the world to have a few. If you would do a reduction of 10/1 you’d only have 2.1B coins.


I understand your idea, but in reality this will give the opposite result. This will NOT increase the price (maybe 1-2 sat up), but in long term will influence very negatively. This will mean, that BTCZ team is looking for short-term profit and don’t believe in the project. This will mean, that BTCZ is scam.
As soon as any changes with emission is done, I will sell ALL my coins the same day.
Believe me, changing emission is very, very bad idea.


Thanks I understand …


he was just an example figures may change


Thank you for understanding.
You will see, price will grow soon even without changing of emission. :wink: