exchange enter voting 1BTC fundraising


Problem statement
Enter Big volume exchange
Via voting cost to enter 1BTC
Bonus in BTCZ of 30m can to be trasfered after voting succeds and after listing with BTC pair . Eth pair to be later / we been promised that 10BTC(around 25m btcz in todays price ) of that 30m BTCZ cost will be covered buy some community member . around 5-7 Millions BitcoinZ has to be fundraised by the rest of the community
Mission Statement or Vision
BitcoinZ on top 10 volume exchange

**Objectives to be Achived

final price 1BTC enter and 30M BTCZ for Bonus

Preferred approach

Benefits statement
Asian Exposure for BitcoinZ on high volume exchange

Performance and progress measures
Example :

Risks and ways to address them
No risk other than 1BTC to enter voting is not refundable

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)
Example of voting : Voting Start Date: May 4, 2018 15:00Voting Deadline: May 11, 2018 15:00Voting Range: 50 VTC - 1,000 VTC Target Votes: 2,000,000 VTC (Buy VTC)Bonus:30,000,000 SWTCIf the vote meets the target goal, Bit-Z will launch SWTC as soon as it is available. The bonus will be distributed to supporters according to their voting weights.If the target goal is not met, the VTC voted will be fully refunded without any additional reward.

We support all potential digital asset development and we are willing to give the voting rights back to the market and our community traders.

Cost estimates and funding sources
“How much will this cost?” and “Where will the money come from?” 1BTC fundraising

Opposing arguments and responses
1BTC is not refundable

Donation adress:
Btcz adress: t1fHHnAXxoPWGY77sG5Zw2sFfGUTpW6BcSZ

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for posting this. A few question and comments:

  1. So to get VTC, we have to buy DKKT with BTC, then buy VTC with DKKT? So weird. Also why is an Asian exchange using DKKT (Danish Kroner Token)? Again, weird.

  2. Why does it say at the top that 1 BTC is required to enter voting, then at the bottom it says 5 BTC?

  3. Also as each user can vote a maximum of 1000VTC, that means at minimum we need 2000 users to reach 2 million VTC. Meanwhile a VTC is about 10 cents US, so 1000VTC is $100. Do we have deep enough pockets and members for this?

  4. Am I understanding this correctly: Users buy the token, then use them to vote. If vote fails, tokens refunded. If vote succeeds then tokens not refunded to users, but a bounty is paid instead? On the other end, developers (or community in our case), buys 300k USD worth of tokens, gives them to BitZ to be held to pay out to voters in case the voting succeeds?

  5. At current prices 30 million BTCZ is only ~100k USD not 300k USD.

  6. Suppose we get exactly 2 million votes, which costs $200k USD, then the bounty ratio is about half…meaning if you voted $100 worth of VTC you’ll get $50 back in BTCZ. So unless price moons, there is a risk of also losing half your $ if the vote wins.


Thanks for answering. here is my opinion about what you wrote.

  1. It’s wired, i agree.
  2. Bit-Z lowered the price for us. That 1 BTC is used to market the voting and listing of BTCZ.
  3. Yes, 2000 users will have to get 100$ out of their pocket to vote. Some will have 10$ others 200$, we should have an average of 100$, that’s not hard to reach if all of us try our best on this.
  4. Yes, votes are refunded if we don’t win. Otherwise you get 50$ in BTCZ back. In my opinion this listing will spread the word about BTCZ, and will encourage adoption so price might double up, that means you get all your money back and win a top 10 listing.
  5. 30 BTCZ is about 110k$. The good thing is someone is willing to cover like 25M of that, that’s huge support from this guy.
  6. In order to rise a coin, or let’s say a business, you always risk something. You can of course buy btcz and wait. But we need to make some efforts to get it up. It can’t get up on it’s own since it’s a community driven coin.

My thoughts on this is that we should get involved in this as much as we can. This is a chance to prove that the community really cares. Besides that you guys should notice the fact that the investor is willing to cover 25M BTCZ, my thoughts here are that they want to see us taking part of the action, proving that we can get our forces together and focus on the same goal. We should show them they can rely on us.


Imho, it is way too complicated. Buy this to hold that and then vote with this but if the vote fails you get refund but if not you get 50 % back 30 mln now and 1 btc later so 300k dollars but we have 200k.


I’m defiantly down for the voting, I will donate at least 1000VTC.


me too. We just need one top10 exchange.


Go go go !
A nice chance to buy some more btcz all of us.
For the Community!!


Go Vote Yes! :slight_smile:


Bit-z is good!! don’t waste your time GoGoGo


Saw this post on BitcoinTalk
" Something good are rollin whit this coin. I saw few people yesterday in darknet who accept BitcoinZ. It’s a very good sign! After all, people must appreciate BitcoinZ anonymity. "
Hopefully history is gonna repeat itself, same case that was with Bitcoin earlier.
Even if we don’t win the vote, the word will spread, especially after algo switching which probably not gonna be the case with most of equihash coins - eventually more investors/black marketeers will turn to BtcZ.


Well said, and what I saw today? Bitmain is out of money… They limiting quantity / buyer… :smiley: thats our goal!


Well… my only concern it is about reach 2000 members voting and spending 100$± … I think that its very unlikely… If We reach to 2000 votes here I change my vote! lol Or we can try to do a marketing campaing to attract people to support us, maybe going to facebook of altcoins groups asking for support , twitter… idk… Of course that I love the Idea to list BTCZ in bit-z… but are we ready for it? If the community decide to try, I will help with 1000 VTC … but look… we have 10 btc (by refund), right? A guy will support these 25, 30 m of btcz ( It´s more 10 btc ±)… why do not try to get more 5 btc and list in binance with no risk? it is a possibility ,it isn´t?


Binance is not listing for money. You should try and get a deal and we will do a fund rise. Those 25M BTCZ will not be needed if we don’t win on Bit-Z voting list. So we don’t loose anything except that 1 BTC for entering the voting list. Even your votes will be refunded if BTCZ doesn’t win.


I said they gonna marketing us, we offered the return fund as gift for voters!


I hope we will try to get there
I’m ready to vote and created account there :stuck_out_tongue:


This is sounding like we are depleting the Community Fund 100% and although we can recover, since our pools have been very generous to ‘auto-donate’ their earnings from the miners, it still severely dilutes our future buying power - ie. when BTCZ does get its deserved recognition and the price goes up.

We could be patient and forward looking and enjoy the pace of this unique project, or we could rush and dilute our buying power. I’ll be around to remind everyone later when BTCZ price goes up, that we crippled ourselves with shortsightedness.

It also seems a bit reckless, but if the community has spoken - so be it.

For these reasons, I’ve voted no.


I am against this vote!


Because there are some inconsistencies…

They are talking of Votecoin and use the abbreviation VTC, but VTC is Vertcoin and VOT is Votecoin!
Price of VoteCoin is around 0.02 $ and price of Vertcoin is around 2.58 $ at the moment, a tiny difference…

Circulating supply of VTC is ~44 millions and of VOT is ~28 millions coins. For that both of the coins - doesn’t matter, wich one of both is meant - there would be rocket launching for the price of the coin (VOT ~7% of all coins needed, VTC ~5% off all coins needed)

And why is needed to buy Votecoin/Vertcoin on DKKT market??? If they meant Votecoin, I have some in my portfolio, why to buy them, if I have them?

If that is not clarified, I am out for the vote!


This vot coin isnt coin, its BitZ vot token. Only listed at there! Please look at their site my friend! :wink:


Funds that were sent to SZ donation address for this campaign were rolled over to the community multi-sig wallet.

This address also holds mining rewards from pools that are donated, and thus, require funds to first be shielded to a zaddress and then back to the multi-sig address.

This was the transaction that rolled the funds over:


Hi, BTCz citizens, i´m new here and i´m a bit late to share my thoughts about it (at the first read, I smelled some kind of scam). As i´m readding many posts to get more knowledge about BTCz (love this idea), let me ask: is it works?