BitcoinZ brand guidelines


@mikeM Sure, I can help a little but, I’m extremely busy with work stuff and working on BTCZ on the side. The wallet is written in angular and javascript if that helps, but before we go updating the design, we may want to update the wallet to the latest version of copay.


Wallet with all the functions and that design is going to be incredible thanks to all!


Ok, I’ll try and rework the current wallet to the new design without adding new features yet while you guys do that newer copay update and we’ll sync when that happens.

I understand more complex features (like a price graph) are more of a future thing, but for now even updating the colors, icons etc can help differentiate the btcz brand.


Just an information providing post about the current btcz logo.

So we have
1)the main circle filling color : #444444 (R:68 G:68 B:68)
2) the z filling color : #42ABCC (R:66 G:171 B:204)
3) The “central” color of the blending golden circle and B symbol : #FACF40 (R:250 G:207 B:65)
It is stepping in linear way, diagonicaly from #FEA600 (R:254 G:166 B:0) to #F8E061 (R:248 G:224 B:97)


Guys, I’m happy to see there’s improvement in the marketing materials and in general they all are starting to look good now. One thing though is we should still try to enforce a grid on them (added a grid on one of the recent images) for consistency.

So whoever did these - good work, they look nice, but please try to keep within the grid for the future so they’ll be even better :slight_smile:


Ok. Since we are not doing a redesign / rebranding and proper brand guidelines I think it’s in the best interest of btcz to at least try and stick to those temporary guidelines that I created whenever possible (for OFFICIAL messaging) and keep fan art under a #btczfanart hashtag every time.

I will update this pdf slightly (removing any reference to me from it for one thing) and repost.
Anyone can host it after that? As right now it’s on my personal dropbox. We wanted to do more / better things regarding the guidelines, but committing 100+ hours of my time when the vision won’t be properly implemented just doesn’t make sense to me.

Sticking to those guidelines will result in an improvement. They were temporary but will have to do until someone else proposes something better. Whether it’s enough or not to gain trust of new users time will tell.

You can of course completely disregard it because it’s “community” and do whatever you like with no consequence. So nobody is enforcing it - do what you think is right.


this is the right tone and with this tone we must present the proposals, it is a pity that the “crypto police” do not trust the community


This is my last post here. All my points about BTCZ having a scam look are still valid and I hope this will help to turn it around at least a little bit.

I modified the guidelines slightly and added a bit more info here and there.
Feel free to use it as it’s desperately needed.

Also: have you noticed BTCP also has their own txtZ? And their marketing page for it (albeit not that great either) has waaaay more information delivered in a more understandable way? Exactly.

It doesn’t matter who was first, only who people will remember. On btcz side there were only a couple “not so serious graphics” about it without any vision or informative qualities.

Good luck.




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