Bitcoinz [BTCZ] price (real price)


Hey guys, I mining BTCz but I hold some BCN to (Bytecoin) today BCN listed on binance and price rise 150% :slight_smile: Lets list BTCz on Binance too :wink: $0.017736 USD (157.31%)


Ha, course. Just hold for now. New exchanges will be coming soon.

Should be going to bit-z very soon. It costs money to get into exchanges. 25BTC+ for binance / hitbtc / bittrex, etc. And the project is community funded, so will take time. I won’t sell for under 100 sats, so will be a while I think.


100 sats ? This coin will be worth much much more in the future.


Well now the price is 30 satoshis. How you holders feel. I am surely feeling it. I hope it goes down to 16 satoshis and btc below $6000 so that I can make a million with 1 thousand $. I want to buy 1 million btcz at a price of $1000.


Shit we are still low, 25 satoshis stop selling people.


Why are you complaining that the market is going down?
I just made 17000 BTCZ on Trade Satoshi in a single trade.
If you can’t profit on the exchanges in this market then you’re doing it wrong.


Today June 5 I saw a spike that went as high as 57 satoshis, Does anyone know anything new besides that fact that Zhash is launching in June 15?
Is this spike a answer to the Zhash news?
Or is it something different?
Any news that you guys may know of why the recent spike please post it here.


By to way don’t send your coins to tradesatoshi those folks take too much time. C-cex is better in my opinion.