Bitcoinz [BTCZ] price (real price)

Hello guys,

why we cant have real price of coin? this price is realy low :frowning:

I mining with 6x1060 = 2k/Sol about 30-35k coin per month = 100 dollars when I pay bill - 30 dollars I get about 60-70 dollars…

Why price is falling down?

Sorry for my bad English…

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Bitcoin pulling it down… So many shaky hand new investors…
Hodl Bro, and dont be sad, it comes faster by lower price!


FollowWings, can you explain why this is?
A few weeks ago when the price was high I was pulling in maybe 400BTCZ a day but now I’m up to 600BTCZ a day.
I’m not complaining, but I sure would like to know why i’m earning 200BTCZ extra. I’m not doing anything differently.


For sure! These new cryptocurrencies has better technologies built in like what you asking is the Auto Difficulty Adjuster which is sticked to the price. It is adjusting to control coin / money flow, stabilizing deflation!

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Which exchange does it pull the price from?

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Because there are peoples doing sidetrades between exchanges, thats why all of…
We need to get more exchanges to be more stable! Also with pair of Usd like Coinbene will be!

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I wonder what will happen when BTCZ is listed on - I fully expect a surge of interest and possibly a “to the moon” moment when people flock to the most profitable altcoin.


Was listed on main page, but they stricted policy… More volume needs

What to mine bought me to this beautiful coin.
Haven`t ever left the scene since my day 1 in here :slight_smile:


same here:money_mouth_face:

I thought it wasn’t listed on whattomine because it’s not listed on any of their supported exchanges. whattomine only has 8 or so exchanges they use to pull down exchange rates.


It needs to get into more exchanges.

All alts are valued in sats. So as I type this it’s selling for 44, which then is converted to BTC price. If BTC doubled today, so would the fiat value of 44 sats.

44 sats is quite low. But once it gets into more exchanges it will go up. There are coins with 10x the supply and worth much more. Just need to give it time.

I have talked with the creator of whattomine, and he said that btcz will be listed as soon as it will appear on an exchange that is supported by whattomine. It was already listed on btcz for some time, but whattomine has stopped supporting the exchange on which btcz was listed, and that is the reason why btcz has disappeared from whattomine list.

Are you " ASIC " …Friendly… I mean you guys wont be made if I want to run my asic to just start devowering this coin would you?

Equihash is ASIC proof I suppose

Thanks well it is too bad it didn’t default to acceptance when I loaded my wallet after all you guys really want people participating in your project don’t you? Or is the Samsung Rugby that " ODD " of a hardware application… hmmmmm

What ASIC? Your ASIC is probably making very little if you are here posting that type of nonsense.

But nope! BTCZ is equihash and probably will stay that way for some time as not possible to make an ASIC for that algorithm.

Not so sure about that, Bitmain just released the Z9 mini for equihash ships out this month or so.
We need to switch algorithm to stay safe…

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They sure did. We don’t know how powerful it will actually be. 10k hash supposedly. It will be a powerful miner for the cost. Not all equihash coins will counter the attack, but btcz devs are already working on it. You can follow in chat as it is coming up quite often since the z9 announcement.

Not sure how bitmain does this. Should of known once the e3 was announced 120M at 300w power draw, equihash was next. 10k sol’s for a 1100?w power draw. Both are killer. Will be a paper weight for some coins eventually, but not all ethash and equihash coins will change.

The ASICS are coming to GPU land.

Luckily the 1st batch will be small. So the devs have time.

I think it’s 10ksols for 300 watts!