Bitcoinz Decaf Bingo (rejected)

Currently there are limited online crypto Bingo options and none are able to play with BTCZ.

Mission Statement or Vision
Create an fair and open Bingo environment for Bitcoinz.

Bingo ball numbers are called from the Bitcoinz blockchain hash results with double letters then first 2 numbers after. max 1st 3 results. See pic for example.

Bingo cards numbers go from 00-99

“bb##” numbers rotate = to “dd##” then “ee##”, “cc##”, “aa##”, “ff##” repeat from game start block.

Games start when all “tbd” cards sold, start block chosen, and end with 1 winner + tbd% back to BTCZ.

All cards being played will be visible to all players to watch winner.

Objectives to be achieved
Build a fair and open Bingo Environment.

Attract users to play with BTCZ

Have a easy way for people to buy/trade in and play with BTCZ.

Users can only receive BTCZ.

Generates profit back through winnings fees taken.

Preferred approach
Hopefully the community could build this project together.

Benefits statement
We get to play Bingo with BTCZ !

Will attract others to get and use BTCZ !

Has possibility of generating revenue !

Risks and ways to address them

  • Yes
  • No

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fyi- I came up with this as an alternative to card games people may not be into.
Any other game ideas are welcome, Cheers!

I think this project can be lead by the author (you) as a side project inside BtcZ.
I cannot see any reason to be proposed/ voted for.
If it has a reason, Im very curious and please explain why it needs to be voted instead of taking actions to make it happen.
Personally I dont support any gambling, its always for easy money making for the house. Its never a winner thing for a player. However a self made Gambling site can be Honest. To make a gambling site legal, should need to be attached to a legal entity (company).
Companies above BtcZ community would break our Decentralization, its against our whitepaper.
Inside our Community, any numbers of groups or entities can be made, which is partly or entirely lead by the community or has rights.
But easiest way: to get a casino accept BtcZ coins itself, so we dont need to build a legal background for it.
Feel free to geather interested members of this project and I suggest to aim first sites which accepts Cryptocurrencies and connect with them, ask for an offer.