BitcoinZ E-Commerce Solutions

The BitcoinZ Community is excited to announce availability of several e-commerce solutions that enable merchants to accept BitcoinZ in their Woocommerce and Cubecart stores. These plugins are powered by the Payment Gateway, a service that allows the easy creation of e-commerce integrations. The BitcoinZ community is committed to making an instant, easy, and enjoyable cryptocurrency and the available of the payment gateway and shopping cart plugins are a major step towards this goal. Payment Gateway enables instant easy payments with BTCZ

  • Create instant payment gateways
  • No registration necessary
  • No additional fees

E-Commerce Plug-ins
BitcoinZ is now accepted in your e-commerce apps!

All of these solutions have been made possible through the hard work and dedication of Community Member Robert, who can be found on discord and slack chats. If you see him around, make sure to give him a big thanks for the hard work he has put into the project. Tips to Robert are appreciated and will help out any future e-commerce development efforts. You can send tips of any size large and small to Robert at the following address: t1NKmPAu8qSkb2L1wM7BnzmqyuovMEKZVZg


Magento ecommerce solution is missing from the list!