BitcoinZ faucet

I think that btcz needs a faucet just like the other coin.
I looked on Google and I couldn’t find any faucets.
I think that this should start a proposal to start one. The fund should be put at first with community funds and maybe later with ads funds. I am saying that this may be idea for people to get to know btcz and how convenient it is to use btcz

Hi, Francis! One of the community member allready made faucet “BTCZ crane”, but i’m dk is he post link on ANN page. In my memory he wrote in telegram chat. Also he made a bitcoinz lottery site:

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Well I checked on Google lottery is one thing faucet is another thing.
So my previous statement stands. There is no faucet. I mean something like coinpot or moonbit. Those two are actual faucet for other coins.

I mean he made this faucet - “crane” (russian transcription of “faucet”):

But he abandoned this project…


I think @Nicholas also created a faucet / vending machine for the Android (mobile) wallet. The idea is that users here can share with their friends, family, colleagues and so on; making it easy for new people to get some BTCZ.

I also need to donate a few to him :slight_smile: to keep this going.

Well what is the name of such mobile app? Because on play store I can only find coinomi, the wallet and a price widget

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Good day,

Any interactive faucet has been created for today? Ill love to see the link.


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hey, well there are some faucets on Discord. Did you check there? I will post links and descriptions here also. I need to check first if we have something like that on forum, I don’t want to make double posts :smiley:

Any news ? a thing like horizen faucet should be cool