BitcoinZ on Wikipedia


I think it would be interesting to create BitcoinZ on wikipedia


We actually started one a few days ago. I don’t know what you have to do to move a wikipedia page from draft to published, though… :confused:


I think that’s really good idea !
If you want, i’m french user, so i can translate for you.
Tomorow, i’ll help you with this wikipedia page :slight_smile:


I have created Uncontroversial technical requests to move page and hopefully, someone will move it from Draft to Wikipedia mainspace.


Got reply from wiki:

“its really unlikely to be accepted as it’s incredibly promotional and contains no independent reliable sources.”

Page needs to be written more independently and must contain more independent sources.


Interesting. Sounds like we need to work on getting more articles out there about BitcoinZ that we can reference.

Calling all bloggers! (right?)


I think this should be added here also:


The “Submit New Proposal” button links to this form.


Done. Moved to main namespace.


Can we try again to get it working? Maybe at this time it will be good!