BitcoinZ online shopping platform


I want to submit the following proposal for consideration: creating a platform with the option of paying BitcoinZ with the catalog of stores. The positive thing is that there is no need to negotiate with each store separately about the implementation of the BitcoinZ wallet, this role will be performed by the platform. Example of work:

  • I register on the platform
  • I choose a store from the catalog, example aliexpress
  • I choose the goods, for example, the price of $ 10
  • I click to buy
  • Automatically return to my account on the platform
  • The platform automatically recalculates the bitcoinz rate to the fiat
  • For example, $ 10 is 10,000 bitcoinz + commission 3%, total 10,300 bitcoinz
  • I am transferring this amount to the purse number for payment
  • The plaform automatically sends the fiat currency to the store and collects its commission of 300 bitcoins
  • I get the goods.
    This online platform will increase the turnover of Bitcoinz crypto currency in real life, which will increase the value of one coin.
    As far as I know, no one has such a platform at the moment.


Hi Pilgrim,

Thanks for making a proposal, it is certainly an interesting idea!

Would this work like some sort of an browser add-on? also would you build it or require others to provide the dev effort?


Hello!Unfortunately I’m not a programmer or soft developer. I just want BitcoinZ to take a worthy place in the world of crypto currency. If this idea is interesting, then let the developers use it as they want and put it to the vote or discussion by the community.


I was actually thinking of something similar a while ago.
Has anyone ever used Flubit in the past? The way they worked is you would submit them a link to any item on Amazon and then within 24 hours they would come back to you with a cheaper price if you bought the same thing through them.

What if we had a website which did a similar thing but with btcz. So a user would submit an Amazon link and then the site would calculate a btcz fee (maybe say plus 10% of Amazon price + shipping) and the user could pay with btcz.

Behind the scene, there would be an admin or admins who receive the order, converts the btcz to fiat (or hodl) and then places an Amazon order on behalf of the user. This could mean either getting Amazon to ship directly or ship to admin who then ships it out again.
the admin gets to keep the 10% for their trouble.


purse .io uses btc and bch thru bitpay to do exactly what you describe for amazon marketplace!


Great idea, I was thinking of something similar


User case is the best way for exposing BTCZ. let’s go.


Can we do a vote on this and get some people with the skills to put it together?

ZMarket - BitcoinZ marketplace

Hello everybody! For a long time I wasn’t here. I see my idea was like users and i like this. This means that community and coins are developing.


Would anyone be interested in buying stamps from collections?

l plan to give them the opportunity to sell in BTCZ (with the gateway)