BitcoinZ paper wallet


I want to share how paper wallet looks like when finished, since I haven’t seen one waving with it yet.
Only video of how to print and cut it but not actual product :man_student:
Also I needed to make a lot of tweaks since it is still not fully aligned when printed (Google Chrome).

Hopefully you’ll enjoy making one for yourself as I did. :heart_eyes:




Nice - can you tell me what resolution you are running when you tried to print it? I’ve tested on my machine and it seems to be aligned. I’ll need to make different directives for screen sizes then.


tnx @cryptorex ^^

When I save file as PDF, you can see, that they are not at the same position and when printed, back and front page donesn’t fit. I needed to edit positions in acrobat reader to get perfect match.
If I miss something please let me know. Thanks for help.

Please see pictures below (see how back page is little bit lower and left positioned) if that helps.



Interesting…these are meant to be cut out and put together. I thought you were referring to the addresses and QR codes not overlaying in the boxes correctly.

These are the settings I use:


Hmm, letter instead A4 does the job and alingment is better for me :+1:

But stil I think It would be good to make layout in a way, that simply set two sided print and therefore no need to cut them out and put together.

I made them like picture below and just set two sided print and they match perfectly together.
What do you think @cryptorex?