BitcoinZ physical coin - Wallet holder - (BTCZ not included)

What is being offered is a Physical Commemorative BitcoinZ coin which has the ability to store a wallet.dat file or Private key inside of an SD-Card. Use it as a cold backup, a Gift , or conversational piece for Friends and family.

Whats Included:
1 x Physical BitcoinZ coin
1 x Tamper resist hologram sticker
1 x 1GB blank MicroSD ( Empty, NOT Loaded )

Limited Quantity available - only 100 coins available. Initial 100 shall be payed in USD only. Subsequent batches will be purchasable with BTCZ. Please contact me directly for payment details.

Price: $20.00 Each, plus Shipping- USPS Only.

Items should be expected to ship the following Saturday after order is paid (EST Timezone).

Will ship international for additional shipping charge, however I cannot guarantee arrival due to customs. Please note that it may take a long time to arrive. First to order from EU, or Asia area will only pay $3.50 for shipping.

Shipping in US : #3.50 - Flat rate up to 2 coins
Shipping to EU : $15.00 - Flat rate up to 2 coins

Note to US Residents: DO NOT load and resell these coins with BTCZ or any other cryptocurrency. Doing so may result in legal issues based off FINCEN Money Transmitter laws.

Learn more here:

Disclaimer: Nothing in this advertisement should be considered legal advice. If you are unsure of how local laws may effect you, contact a licensed attorney familiar with your local laws.

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I received mine last night… This thing is very well done! I’ll see if I can post additional pics here later.

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I would like to have one as well. I have contacted seller today. Hopefully, there is still one for me ^^.

Noob questions ahead:
How is it working? You remove hologram, take out SD card, and save file to it, or is there already address on it?
I don’t want to damage coin by removing hologram sticker :confused:

Thank you

I think the stickers come loose, you keep your wallet.dat and private key in the sd and then you put the sticker, i buy 2 yesterday :grinning:


Correct, stickers aren’t attached initially. The SD card is 1GB so you can add whatever you want – wallet.dat, images of QR codes, whatever means you want works! Maybe the following photo with it!


Cane I get the beauty Medal without the sd card for a lowered sale price?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, wtf are you talking about? Everyone of the packages I’ve sent out has come with a SDcard, and 2 tamper resist stickers. - The only exception for this, is if you win the hash lotto, then you just get the Coin, with 2 tamper resist stickers and NO SDcard. Your gonna have to clarify further if you want a more intelligible response.

My 2 coins order arrived safe and sound to the other side of the globe (Europe).
I am really happy with the quality of the coins (+ the novelty factor that the private key is not stored in a piece of paper under the hologram, but in an SD card). Not many physical crypto coins nowadays uses a digital form for storing private keys.


:heart_eyes: aaw want it so much

Do you sell them still?!