BitcoinZ Podcast

Hello to everyone of the BitcoinZ community! I believe that a podcast for this project would capture the attention of some people that are unaware of this project. And used as a tool for people that are on the fence or skeptical thinking that this project is “dead” or having little progress (which I know the project is anything but dead). A podcast could let people not so close to the project know what is going on when it seems a bit slower.

What I think the podcast should do:

  1. Break down what the project is (in simple terms for people that don’t understand all of the technology)
  2. Use cases for the coin
  3. Current and future development (simplified)
  4. Possibly comparison (Example: How its like Bitcoin but how it is different and beneficial on many areas)
  5. What people not so closely to the project can do to help out

Those are just a few of the ideas of what the podcast could help to do.

I can start writing the intro and or the first episode as soon as Sunday and record soon after (I can’t give an exact day yet). I want to put out there I may not be able to post podcasts a bunch (estimate of one a week or two). I want anyone’s opinion should I run ads for the podcast (I would try to find a way to donate them to the community)? I do not want any compensation.

Questions for everyone:

  1. Should I run ads? Or just addresses for people to donate to (directly to the community fund)? Or both?
  2. What should be the name for the show? (Off the top of my head I thought of The BitZcast) I am open to any name. If there is more than one I’ll open a vote.
  3. Would getting another Twitter account for the podcast and to retweet other BTCZ news be a must? Would anyone be opposed to me opening it so I can tweet out as soon as a new episode is available?

Thank you to everyone that had time to read this! I will be interested to see what everyone thinks. I am open to all criticism (be as tough as you want). I know all of your time is valuable, looking forward to spreading word of BitcoinZ


Great idea @Schmiddy1901 ! Just to clarify, you mean a single show or multiple ones? You could also use to upload it in another source where people could access it.

Very nice idea and welcome to the forum man!

Everyone is free to open a Twitter Account for btcz , it is completely open for everyone because it has no central authority controlling it.

We will make our best with the Community Twitter profiles to retweet everything you make !

Please let a btcz address for donating for your project !

Thank you! I mean just one show, sorry that wasn’t clear. I am planning to use Anchor podcasting (the platform sends a podcast to all the main listening platforms) I will also upload it to BitcoinZ Radio also.

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Thank you! Glad to help! Thank you for answering my question about a Twitter profile for the podcast, I just wanted to be sure and not to take attention away from the official feed.

I don’t wish for any contributions, I would be more than happy to add an address for BTCZ or any other currency to the show notes to help with furthering the community.

Are there any direct addresses for VaultZ for donating? And if you know the addresses for donating for other cryptos would you mind sending me them? So I can add it to episodes show notes when they come out.

Thank you

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I do not know if anybody runs this anymore, so maybe do not use these ones:

Here’s balance of our VaultZ:

@cryptorex @VandarGR <= These guys should know the 18 addresses that the VaultZ uses

Okay thank you very much! I will try to reach out to one or both of them so I can add an address to the show notes.