BitcoinZ - Press Releases To Coin Media Outlets (x7)


Problem statement

BitcoinZ has all the community and the offerings, but lacks substantially in awareness. We’ve had several community members ask why other projects are “stealing” our ideas. Although some not necessarily stolen, they just beat us to marketing.

Mission Statement or Vision

Allocate a portion of donated funds to submit Press Releases to Coin Media outlets - which accept BTC - or offer BitcoinZ as payment.

Objectives to be achieved

Our current objectives are to make the following (but not limited to) known - in a 7+ Press Release series

Enshrining liberty
Switch to Zhash
Commerce solutions
Global connectivity
Ease of use
Easy transfer ability (entrepreneur opportunity)
Ease of minining

Although some of these are vague - it is necessary to keep the details of our releases quiet until press time.

Preferred approach

We have identified approximately 10 Coin Media News outlets that range between $250 - $500 USD per press release. They accept BTC for posting.

  1. I will write 7-10 articles on the above topics
  2. Submit for editorial review to Coin News Media
  3. Monitor impact
  4. Rinse & repeat

Benefits statement

Bringing much needed awareness to the unique global project we know and love as BitcoinZ.

Performance and progress measures

  1. Request stats from media outlets
  2. Monitor hashrates
  3. Monitor exchange volume
  4. Monitor chat activity
  5. Rise in troubleshooting efforts

Risks and ways to address them

  1. Leaks - I will write these and drafts will be submitted to a select limited few for quick review and feedback.
  2. Budget - We risk spending for Press Releases with no impact. However, the allocated budget will not be spent in one rush. We will ease into the PR rotations and address after each submission.

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

Post invoices / proof

Weekly or as-needed in light of budget.

Cost estimates and funding sources

Estimated Budget: $250 - $500 USD per PR
Funding source: Community Fund (
Currently seeking: $750 for at least two (2) PR submissions

Opposing arguments and responses

Open discussion


Vote should pass in this case - and as part of the required process I’m submitting this for consideration. If vote does not pass for using of community funds - we will then have to visit Tier 3 - emergency allocation of funds as written in the whitepaper - it may apply to this situation.

  • Yes
  • No

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This sounds great!

If you need proofreading/reviewing I am happy to help.


Fully support…long awaited PR move for btcz!


Additionally PR benefits not just by more publicity but increasing community as well in line with the goal to have a good decentralised community


Thanks :slight_smile:

And thank you to everyone who has voted - I hoped this would rightfully receive unprecedented support. :slight_smile:


when is this project starting? we need to capitalise on the recent announcements haha


We have a few more days left - the vote ends after 7 days per the community paper. The investors purchased with exchange listing some PR which by now you’ve probably seen.

The PR we’ll be pushing for this project is mostly from topics we didn’t get any PR for in the past. Which is a lot - so we’ll be pushing probably 10 articles out in total. However, since this comes from community funding we need to do it a little slower to see its effectiveness. Perhaps we’ll get enough insight from the Exmo PR campaign. :slight_smile:


thanks for leading this PR move cryptorex! long awaited!


From me a “YES” without any doubts.


The voting period has expired (after 7 days).

The vote passed with percentage of 100% in favor of the proposal.

I’ve submitted the first PR to CCN - it will be published tomorrow evening. The invoice has been paid.

Press Release 1 ($349)