BitcoinZ Products Page - Adoption Initiative

Problem statement

The following are ALL BitcoinZ Products that were created/maintained for FREE by the community and some are were PAID for by the community to be created.

BitcoinZ currently has built infrastructure to support eCommerce payment systems:

Btcz.In Payment Gateway
WooCommerce Plugin
IP Board

Supports easy sharing of BitcoinZ Addresses:


Supported by and/or maintains costly infrastructure for:

BTCZ Wallet (Copay wallet) Android, macOS, Windows, Linux
Coinomi wallet on iOS
Paper wallet site (
Swing wallet

Community paid BitcoinZ GUI Miner:

BitcoinZ GUI Miner:

Developed BitcoinZ transfers by mobile TXT/SMS via TxtZ:

Hash4BtcZ GUI Miner:
Tutorial Video:


BTCZ Business Directory

The list is not entirely exhaustive BTCZ products offering - but the idea should be communicated by now. Our purpose as a project, as well as any project or ‘company’, is that the company delivers a form of value - mostly a product that delivers usability - or what most call utility.

Utilities that fuel mass adoption.

Mission Statement or Vision

Now those of you that have been with us since our launch on Sept. 9th 2017 know well that our supply is purposeful and aimed at being able to use BitcoinZ to transfer value or products and/or services, everyday.

The vision is “BitcoinZ is for more than a pizza”. How are we supposed to put these products in the hands of the masses so you can buy more than just a pizza?

Easy (easier said…) - you create a ‘centralized’ area where people that own businesses (like soulhacler initiative), whether its an online business or a brick-and-mortar business, can look into how they can integrate our products. We can go further and identify problems that need to be solved by any business: After all, how can we expect people to use our products that no body knows about?

Objectives to be achieved

Create (design grade) a ‘products’ page that integrates into
Requires forking current page on Github
Creating page and submitting Pull Requests
Created in a way that can be easily modified for addition of future product offerings

Preferred approach

Create design grade site
Begin joining groups, forums, YouTube tutorial channels, development forums, etc. and making the aforementioned aware of our products page. (no spamming)

For example:

  • On a tutorial site for creating an eCommerce store you can post -> “Hello! Please consider integrating BitcoinZ payment modules into your site - this enables your site to accept a high circulation supply cryptocurrency from your customers. For more details visit

Our product should be tied to a solvable problem the business has - or an innovation the business would benefit from.

Benefits statement

This benefits BitcoinZ to fuel mass adoption and is required for mass awareness - they very thing the project was created for. How can people learn about everything we have to offer if they don’t know where to find out about it?

Performance and progress measures

  • Google analytics already integrated into
  • Analyze the time people spend looking at the page
  • Identify issues with UI that hinders readability
  • Adjust to business appeal

Risks and ways to address them

None identified.

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

1 - 30 days for:

  • Design
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Monitoring (by infrastructure owners)

Cost estimates and funding sources

Community fund - 100,000 BTCZ
Cryptorex fund - 100,000 BTCZ

Total: 200,000 BTCZ

Opposing arguments and responses

None identified - responses highly encouraged.


tl;dr - We need a site that showcases ALL of our product offerings, and leave room to add additional offerings. THEN we can start marketing our products page to the masses.

How do we expect people to use products that they have no idea exist.

POLL for 100,000 BTCZ from community fund

  • Yes
  • No

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This is exactly what I have been saying on Facebook. No common landing page. Typical people will not put in the effort to go through 8 websites to setup and use this new technology


i support BtcZ community
good luck



This is a brill idea, supporting 100% and happy to help with execution if needed.

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