BitcoinZ roadmap and Mind map 2.0 ideas


The proposal is below and clearly states is intended to capture every one’s input and ideas, whether a one liners or not.

Please follow the forum rules and read the document.

Please forgive if I do not respond immediately as I am away working on the other parts of the upcoming Press releases and working on a list of businesses for adoption of a new service.

All the best and I truly hope that you understand that this is a proposal for capturing every members ideas.

As our founding principles state, everyone is different and thinks differently. I think differently but not against our founding principles in anyway. Neither will I attempt to drive any malice against anyone or our community or coin.

I took the initiative as the founding principles outline and as @cryptorex and others have done.

Please read and vote accordingly. All the rules have been followed and the proposal is below, intacted.

Problem statement
We have run through our current roadmap and clearly outgrown it through all things except masquerade being implemented. I do not think masquerade will be implemented.

Mission Statement or Vision
The aim and vision is for the community jointly define and shape a 2.0 roadmap which can inform the wider public, businesses both public and private of our told and aims.

Objectives to be achieved
1.) Receive input by community members to define BTCzz roadmap 2.0

2.) Sustainable measurable ideas for roadmap towards growth and benefits of our community.

Preferred approach
A vote and a few draft documents that the community can use to build the roadmao moving forward.

Benefits statement

Performance and progress measures

Documents will be made available for all of the community to edit. So all can see, add and edit.

Risks and ways to address them
A perceived lack of growth by external parties about BtcZ not having an updated roadmap.

A lack of measurable growth both internally and externally of BTCZ. Community growth can be measured by public and community members.

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

Community members provide ideas for a renewed and revamped roadmap. I have provided a rough model and draft that can be used.

Time allocated and community fund contributions to be increased to support various tiers of the roadmap.

Community can decide and design how the roadmap and charts can be designed.

Cost estimates and funding sources
“How much will this cost?”

Initial costs is time.

Website integration costs and time

Community funding for roadmap items that have been identified as priority and R&D areas essential for growth.

This would have to be handled by @cryotorex and the other community fund signatories.

Members are welcome to fund any ideas they would like to see on the road map that can be delivered. These would be placed into a misc and community member area of the road map it there are any. Fudning would considered alongside our community devs or other entities external or internal delivering feasible ideas.

Opposing arguments and responses
Please feel welcome to make arguements opposing the design and recommending better designs. I am not great at the designs, so would need help from community members.

Links for roadmap and mind maps

Link to add your ideas & Brainstorm into a table for use to complete the roadmap


Mind map:

Blank document for ideas regarding roadmap 2.0

Please feel free to share ideas in comments, I will grab these and edit the roadmap with it.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DRAFTS ARE ONLY IDEASM NOT A FINAL PRODUCT. I did a draft so everyone has a clear idear of things.

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BitcoinZ is the future of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s security model ensures that for a coin to move, a corresponding signature has to be produced. BitcoinZ is a bitcoin compatible cryptocurrency based on the zcash center. It uses the Equihash algorithm with t-addresses and zk-snarks anonymous z-addresses. The combination of these technologies enables BitcoinZ to operate as a proven cryptocurrency.


Very excited about this, so much optimism for this project which is a relief because it’s my single largest investment.

I’ll keep spreading the word on Twitter and updating the community about things like warnings about exchange problems.

Also excited to see how the partnership with Safecoin progresses.


Guys, I hope we can deliver this and hopefully the developers can weigh in, their votes for the community to have an updated roadmap.

i only try to do whats good, I only follow ideas from community and make sure everyone has an equal input for a roadmap to be developed.

I am very excited about this as well.


What are you proposing here? To change the way the roadmap is laid out? Or are you proposing that everything you’ve put in those boxes is adopted and implemented?

It seems most of the things are implemented that are on the grid - but you need to be clear that any item that is in those boxes needs to abide by the voting process individually.

You cannot pitch a cosmetic update and then say the community adopted all the items in the map itself.

I’m also not sure what the Tiers mean? I know previously we had dates and that wasn’t good and you changed it to Tiers, but what do those represent?


Hey Cryptorex,

No I am not proposing ANY OF what you are asking about!


This is about users providing input on whether they want an updated roadmap, risks, funding, whom it involves and what they would like and also ensuring that it is something that can be achieved.

Also this proposal has imgaes CLEARLY STATING they are ideas that aren’t a roadmap.

ONLY VISUAL REPRESENTATIONS ( caps are for emphasis, and highlighting important parts of what I type, to ensure you do not mistake or mis-understand me.


Ok great, just want that to be clear.

Who it involves? What do you mean - assigning duties to developers? I think we’ve been down that road and I think you proposed something like imposing some duties on developers or maybe I’m mistaken.

The proposal system is not for that - its for people that propose it also progress it and own it, themselves or with a team they assemble.

We already have a proposal system in place for projects to be added. How is offering a map like this where people can edit/update whenever they want going to help? We already have that, and its the proposal system.

If we open a document roadmap for anyone to edit/change/update then we’ll end up with one liners like we did when we first used a Google Doc for receiving proposals. We’ll also end up with people placing items on the board they have no intention of steering.


I made a note above the proposal to clarify what this is and given that even a single one liners is equivalent to one sentence, I will capture what is shared and only produce a draft of the ideas that I intended to present to Reenuzit and other developers, marketing and pr, social media and other teams. Where the community can then further decide on what is or isn’t of value.

I have never given developers duties. I wouldn’t and I won’t. I ask for help if I need, when I need. Nothing else.


I am not sure I understand what this proposal is for.
Am I correct in thinking that the proposal is simply for an open document which any community member can add their ideas to?

this is a proposal for capturing every members ideas.

I don’t understand why we need a document for this. Any member can create a message on the forum with their idea. I have done this previously and so have others. I don’t want to be a downer but how does having a list of ideas in a Google Doc help? At least on the forum, it can be discussed and if anyone starts work on that idea they can keep the forum post updated


If you’re just collecting ideas, why the need for voting? You could have just pointed people to a blank document and let them populate it with ideas. No proposal/voting needed. The voting only becomes necessary when the time comes to screen the ideas one by one.

So yeah, if you’re just gathering ideas, be my guest and go ahead. No need to ask for my approval :smile:


I like your response however do you disagree with most or every member voting on having open access to a document that visibly has ideas from them?


Would you prefer and agree to have a ideas put forward by a few members that provide and create what options are and are not available for the roadmap?

I only did this based on the white paper principles on Decentralization and how every one can help:

6.) Support systems are running wallet nodes, dns seeders for node discovery, or peer
reviewed and open sourced web wallet nodes. Are you a programmer? Contribute at your
leisure. If you can’t program, no problem, are you versed in linux command line or understand
the way windows wallets work? Write a guide! Learning, teaching, and the sharing of
knowledge from within, creates an indestructible community foundation. People learn and contribute differently, have different skills-sets, and ideas. This gives the project a diverse scope
and perspective - with endless possibilities.

If you and others above are against this point then so be it.

I assume someone would ask this be deleted and be against this which would show the ones wanting to truly control and change the community.

I support BtcZ and always have.


any plans for bitcoinz to eventually have staking or masternodes? or (as I would assume) are we going to keep it strictly POW? and what about once all the coins are mined?



“Would you prefer and agree to have a ideas put forward by a few members that provide and create what options are and are not available for the roadmap?”

I’m sorry but this is just pure Fud. Anyone can already put forward and contribute anything at anytime. There are NOT a few members that provide and create what options are available. Why are you trying to imply this is the case??? There are members that contribute more than others but there is no one in control and to suggest otherwise is just spreading fud for no reason.

I agree with @plodoto. If you want to have an open document with ideas go for it, No One disagrees with this.

I also agree that we all have have different skill sets and contribute differently and we do contribute!
No one is against this point. I feel like you are trying to provide a solution to a non existent problem.

If anyone wants to contribute they can.
@Overdrive5 just came in and made ZHashOS. It wasn’t part of any road map.
@Akta86 I created a btcz to fiat price convertor app for Android.
@VandarGR is doing awesome graphics and marketing

And so many other members are doing so many things. The project already has a diverse scope and endless possibilities, that’s why we are in it in the first place!

P.s. I have voted yes to the proposal because I have no problem with an open document to share ideas. I just think it is a bit pointless because we already have a platform for ideas and that is this forum.


Is Votecoin code open source? If so, once the vot Dev finishes his system for voting on the blockchain (vot is equihash), you could implement it on the BTCz chain.

Also, we need a mascot :checkered_flag:


Can you guys think of any more real world applications for regular people that are computer naive? Maybe try and partner with a game selling service like steam or something of the like (steam would be a Longshot) or mmorpg to integrate it as a payment option or mobile games with it as an option for microtransactions and such like guild wars 2 it I wanted a fancy shirt in game I could pay for it with btcz


Could you figure out how to make it so you could send to multiple addresses at the same time with different values if desired? It’d make paying several different people at once easier, thinking paying employees or bills


Sorry I thought this was an ideas page :thinking: