Bittylicious - bank transfer/Card payments & brokerage setup for BTCZ


Hi all,

I contacted the admin (Marc) at Bittylicious. I have been using their service on and off for the past few years and thought its only right, I made contact on behalf of BitcoinZ.

Marc was welcoming and said, he is open to BitcoinZ going forward with the process.

Please find the attached link below to provide insight on all the requirements to get BitcoinZ set up via Bittylicious. This involves resources: money, dev labour + time and quite a few BitcoinZ readily available to sell.

Money = about 0.11 BTC (depends on the GBP value at the time)
Dev labour (labor) + time = our developers use time to work on this and set things up.
BitcoinZ = Volume of BitcoinZ for selling and being readily available.

They also help setup our own brokerage if we would like to have one :slight_smile:

Here is the link to their requirements:

Please weigh-in and share opinions, thoughts, do’s or don’ts regarding this approach? Maybe some of you might think its to early or perhaps we should wait some, or not.


Actual price is 0.07307BTC (400£) but they send back half of it if we get enough volume on their platform.
Also if they cant get enough volume by our coin, they could delist us.
But I support this project.


yes, the delist us if we don’t have enough volume and transfers, but its one option for a brokerage.

Good on the maths for the Btc to gbp :+1: . I figured the price in usd might be a little higher given btc is down :slight_smile:

Also, forgot that I calculated the £600 due to the option of the community being a brokerage. I think this was an additional £200, making the total £600 but then we do get £200 deposit back if all goes well :).


Main question as Hungary has many scam brokerages…:
Do they really give cryptos to you after FIAT deposit? Where?
How is their platform work?


good question again.

Best way is to experience their service, setup an account and buy some dodge or some btc or some other coin.

I only got in touch with their admin a day ago, regarding btcz. I have used their service before, and still do, its pretty straight forward.


Im all in! Great move towards massive adoption.

Why not to give a shot to BTCZ in bitATMs?


Really nice idea!
I hope to see us in Plus500 one day :slight_smile: